on playing the piano…


I’ve always enjoyed piano music, especially classic. For sure, Mozart is my favorite composer. Any/Every time I hear his work, I am stopped in my tracks, transformed somewhere else. As a child, I aspired to play an instrument and in 4th-5th grades, chose to learn the piano.  Well, that was short-lived: I never did. Why? Because a) I didn’t practice and b) never bothered to learn the bass cleft. Kinda necessary to play the piano or any instrument, I imagine. You think?

On Friday, during my Journal Club session, I was introduced to a new pianist :  Ludivoco Einaudi and his piece: Walk. I am listening to it now, as I write this post …and I invite you to click on this link. It is hauntingly beautiful and a visual as well as an auditory experience. There is quite the library of videos of his performances.

I am so grateful that I have a new companion to accompany me on my walks, when I journal  and during other mindful moments.


5 thoughts on “on playing the piano…

  1. Yes! I share your love of the classics (Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Vivaldi, Handel) and it’s always wonderful to find a new-to-me composer to add to my list. It’s also uplifting to know the world today is still inspiring that kind of creativity.


  2. That is a beautiful piece of music. I too took piano lessons for three or so years but didn’t practice enough and didn’t have a very good teacher. Still I love music. It is a universal language.


  3. I too was an epic failure at piano (for the same reasons, I might add!) But, I love piano music. Thank you for sharing this amazing artist! It is stunning! (And, the Chopin Piano Concerto’s are some of my favorites!)


  4. My father was an accomplished pianist, and insisted that my brother and I take lessons. I stuck with it from third grade until I was a junior in high school. At one point, I was reasonably good, but never gifted! Now I can barely eek out a simple tune. I thought I’d take it up again when I retired, but I’ve found too many other hobbies!


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