brrr…it’s cold outside



today’s sunrise

The day started bright, with the promise of sunshine all day… well, that was short lived. Sunrise, at 7:03 am and the morning high,  41° F was as good as it was going to get. Within an hour, clouds had moved in and winds picked up – making it feel like 32°.

This afternoon, I took a shorter and brisker walk than planned  ’cause it’s downright windy and cold —brrr.  Even though the Winter Solstice is just 24 days away, I’m really not ready for winter. You?

After my very abbreviated and brisk walk, I was so thankful to step inside our warm house. So very thankful.

13 thoughts on “brrr…it’s cold outside

  1. We had 9 inches of snow on Sunday. It IS beautiful and we were called off to volunteer that morning. I checked my email and raced back to bed once they posted classes were cancelled. Your sunrise is so pretty HOnore


  2. Definitely NOT ready for winter. We’ve seen very little sun recently—makes it feel even colder. We put up our Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving (a week earlier than usual) and that helps counteract the dreary weather.


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