unraveled wednesday | 11.28.2018 …



In my ongoing döstädning efforts,  I found this tangled mess: a Christmas stocking I began, hmmmm… well let’s just say many moons ago…and leave it at that! I toyed with these ideas:

  1. abandoning the project…
  2. taking it to my quilting group as a freebie – some of the members also knit…
  3. attempting to pick-up where I left off and declaring it December’s knitting du jour.

After 30 seconds or so mulling time, I opted for my third choice. I’ll knit on the stocking each evening as we watch Nightly News; msnbc; and occasionally a Hallmark holiday movie (see Norman cringe!).

And who knows: perhaps I’ll even make considerable progress on this very-long-in-the-making Christmas stocking!

I’ve been listening to Michelle Obama’s Becoming on my daily walks. It is excellent and 100% enhanced by her narration.  It’s just about noon, very, very windy –  c-o-l-d  still – but sunny!  My plan is to hit publish on this post, don my coat, hat, gloves and earbuds, be brave, and go for a walk.

What are you döstädning, unraveling and/or reading these days?  Joining Kat and friends here for another Unraveled Wednesday.


14 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 11.28.2018 …

  1. Best of luck with that stocking. It is fun to knit something red and green at this time of year and with television to keep you company it won’t be too painful – I hope. I think I’ll put Becoming on my audio book hold list. I wondered if Ms. Obama would read her book. Sounds perfect even if I have to wait awhile.


    1. I was ‘smitten” by the red + green, for sure. Managed to untangle the yarn last night and figure out where I am…to be continued! I think you’ll enjoy spending time with Michelle Obama. She spins a great story!


  2. Oh YES! I’m so glad you’re going to be knitting this December! I’m looking forward to Becoming … and some warmer temperatures!


  3. I just finished listening to Michelle Obama read her book to me. It was a balm for my soul, for sure! I’m so glad you’ve picked up your stocking! ‘Tis the season!!! XO


  4. I’m listening to Threading My Prayer Rug which I’m enjoying. I listen while I do my weights at the gym so it takes a while to finish a book. I have to listen to upbeat music to be able to stand the elliptical machine. Right now it’s an old album by The Pointer Sisters. Can’t be sluggish listening to them! Becoming is going on my list for Audible.


  5. Admiring your choice to deciding to finish it – I think I might have quailed at the task! Wondering what you might do with it when you’ve finished? Döstädning? Well, I’m on the homeward straight to putting together a file of all the info, details, phone numbers etc. my spouse/children would need in order to wind up my affairs should I become unable to do so …


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