art enables …


The above piece of art was created by a person with one or more disabilities. This photo is not the best representation.  Unfortunately, the window in which it hung created a transparent backdrop – so one sees the reflection of the street and me.

I took this photo last Sunday afternoon, on my way to Zeke’s, my neighborhood  (about 1.5 miles) coffee shop, for a caramel latte.  Several doors down from Zeke’s is Art Enables, an “Art Gallery and Vocational Arts program dedicated to creating opportunities for artists with disabilities to make, market, and earn income from their original and compelling artwork.”

Art Enables is closed on Sundays.

Monday morning, as I drove past, on my way to my quilting group meeting, I thought:  On my way home this afternoon, I’ll stop and inquire about the piece. I was pretty sure it was for sale. Later that afternoon, as I drove by, there was a big gap where the painting had hung. Apparently, someone else was also smitten…

I was sorry to have missed out but grateful that the work was sold. I do intend to stop in and inquire about the painting’s creator; perhaps she or he has other works for sale too!



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