sometimes mondays | 12.10.2018 …


7:40 am  30° F

  • microwave running ~ boiling water for a second cuppa tea …
  • thinking maybe I will ask Santa to bring me an electric tea kettle – hmmm …
  • sweater blanket around my shoulders to keep me warm – it’s kinda cold this morning …
  • blue sky dotted with white clouds, some tinged with pink, here n there …
  • I stop to breathe for 5 minutes and …
  • hear the distant sound of a train’s whistle.

My tea’s steeped and soon I will end MSQT to fix a salad.  Today is my quilt group’s annual holiday luncheon. The salad is simple, tasty and colorfully Christmasy . Here’s the recipe:


I diced some of the red pepper and used the slices as garnishment.

Hope you’ve had a quiet start to your Monday too. Have a grand day!


15 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 12.10.2018 …

  1. Those peppers are beautiful! And the salad sounds delicious. Colin gave us their “old” electric kettle. I like it (like not having a teakettle on the stove), but Fletch doesn’t like the noise of it (not any different than water heating on the stove in my opinion). The new one that Colin & Mailing got keeps the water boiling hot even after it turns off!


  2. ahhhh…. this post reminded me to take a deep breath – thank you! enjoy your quilt group luncheon – your salad will certainly make a love addition to the menu!


  3. What a good reminder to pause and listen to the day. I too enjoy the peek into your morning. I bet your salad was a welcome addition to the group luncheon. Fun.


  4. I LOVE hearing the train whistle. When we moved into this house it was summer and the trees had all their leaves. I don’t remember hearing the train. Now that the trees are bare —- TRAIN WHISTLE!! It is such a comforting sound.

    Have a wonderful time at your luncheon.


  5. I’m a coffee drinker, although I enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon. My daughter has an electric teapot which I really enjoy using when I’m visiting.


    1. I still occasionally have a spot of decaf coffee…lately, my morning tea has been 100% herbal and I am feeling a bit head achey early afternoon…so, I’ve been having afternoon tea with some caffeine…more reason for an electric pot.


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