3 on thursday | 12.20.18…



  1. I  haven’t even started to shop… I’ve had that pin for 23 years! I looked for it earlier this week and t’was nowhere to be seen/found. Oh well, I thought, perhaps it’ll show up… I was sure the time thieves were involved. I was right! Today, I pulled out my Christmas vest and there it was – pinned (still?) to the sweater, last worn  in 2017. …
  2. I haven’t even started to shop… for my nieces, ages 32, 26, almost 18, who prefer $$$… (I do have an object for them, too that’ll I keep secret until after Christmas…just in case they happen onto this post) …
  3. I haven’t even started to shop… but I shall brave the crowds tomorrow and/or Saturday or Sunday to pick up a few groceries for dishes I’ll make for a Christmas Eve gathering…and go to Barnes & Noble for a few books for Chris and Elias.

My real reason for shopping so late in the season: I love being out among the crowds. It’s a real trip down memory lane for me. Norman and I often reminisce about how all things Christmas when we were kids  – from shopping to getting/putting up/decorating the tree – happened on Christmas Eve Day. Of course, when we were kids, we also didn’t have online shopping or Amazon …

How about you – shopping all done? Joining Carole and friends for 3 on Thursday


15 thoughts on “3 on thursday | 12.20.18…

  1. Ha! I love that button. My shopping is done since most of it has to be mailed. I did dash out and buy two picture books as Christmas Eve gifts for two great nephews. My husband loves to shop amongst the hustle and bustle of the last week before Christmas. I send him out while I bake cookies.


  2. No ………….we don’t do gifts. So, no problem there, but we still have to decide what all we are having for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner and go get all THAT stuff.

    Love the little pin. Hope you and Norman have a very nice holiday! Give Baby Elias kisses from his “online aunties”!


  3. that stocking is looking awesome! Marc and I are headed to the grocery store and Costco today … not quite the holiday hustle and bustle, but I’m sure it will be crowded!


    1. Indeed! Costco is always crowded, always. I’ve never been in a store when there weren’t lots of people! Thanks for the ++ re: my stocking…the end is in sight…maybe by 31 Dec?


  4. I have some tiny bits of knitting to finish up and then I will be done! I too love those crazy holiday crowds… but the grocery store? Not so much! Good luck!


  5. Cute pin!!! Give that baby a kiss from me too! Zach just sent us a copy of a note a student wrote to him. It made me cry. He is getting through to some of them. It was just what he needed. That is good enough for all the Christmas this year as far as Im concerned. I could never shop so late. Hahahha. You enjoy those crowds Honore


  6. Shopping’s done, and I’m grateful. We rarely have traffic congestion here, but when I went to get a manicure and pedicure this afternoon, it was terrible! The parking lots are worse. Your stocking is looking great! I have a list of crafting to do, but until the baking is done, it will have to wait. Sunday’s looking like a good day.


  7. Your pin made me smile! I was actually relatively organised this year, but that was because our girl was coming home for a few days from the 21st and would be heading off with her beloved to his family on Christmas Day – I didn’t want to miss a minute with her :). Hoping your plan all worked out nicely for you both and you had a lovely time.


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