unraveled wednesday | 12.19.18 …



I woke up this morning filled with energy:

  • zip zap –  strip the bed linens …
  • gather and sort laundry …
  • prep chicken tenders  for baking …
  • fix tea for MSQT

Whew! That was a lot and all before 7:00 am. Despite frost on the rooftops, the sky is bright blue and sunshine pretty much all day. Later today, Norman has a medical appointment; perhaps that’s why I was so gung-ho earlier.

My Christmas knitting project proceeds; I think I’m about/near the halfway point. I am learning intarsia (which is probably why I stopped knitting this many, many moons ago). I don’t expect to finish this by Christmas – why rush? Perhaps the first week or so in 2019? When is just a word; the goal is to finish. Stay tuned.

I mentioned yesterday that I’m still reading (via ears) Becoming. Next in my queue: The Library Book.  On New year’s Day, I’m hosting our bi-monthly (give or take a day/week) Recent Reads gathering; it also happens to be friend MT’s birthday. She requested that we all read the same book – we normally don’t – and we agreed. The book has received rave reviews! Have you read?

I’m 99% sure I will be listening to the book since I have Audible credits. There’s not a copy to be borrowed from either of the two library systems I use.. The hold queue is long! I’m debating about reading the Kindle version and syncing it with the Audible version… Any thoughts? Whatever, I guess I’d best get a move on if I intend to join in the discussion.

Both the washer and dryer have signaled cycles have ended; probably a cue for me to end this post and move on with the next item on my agenda. Joining Kat and friends here.


16 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 12.19.18 …

  1. It’s great to wake up with so much motivation! I haven’t read The Library Book, but I always think that a long line of holds bodes well for the book. It does sound interesting. I would probably listen to it; when I look at my goodreads statistics I listen to audiobooks for almost 70% of my reading. Otherwise I wouldn’t get any knitting done. I hope you enjoy the book however you read it, and have plenty of energy tomorrow!


    1. I hope I have enough energy tomorrow, too…going to spend some time with friends and who needs a tired soul?I am a “wannabe someday knitter;” maybe if I listened to more books, I’d improve my knitting skills…


  2. I’m in the long queue on Overdrive for that book! It does look good.

    Mornings – funny how some you wake up with all that energy and other days it seems like it’s all I can do to get the coffee started – lol.


  3. I am also in the long wait line for The Library Book. Your Christmas stocking looks like it is coming along nicely. I like your statement – when is only a word. Amen. Enjoy the knitting.


  4. I can’t believe that’s your first intarsia project – it looks great! Look forward to your review of The Library Book. I’m on the list … and should be getting it sometime next year 🙂


  5. I started listening to Becoming yesterday and I absolutely love it! Listened for over 2 hours while I cooked and organized. I haven’t read The Library Book yet, but it’s on my radar. I’m a fan of Audible plus Kindle when I need/want to get a book finished more quickly. I wish I’d had your energy; you did all that before I ever got out of bed. Twice this week, I’ve slept in until nearly 7:00. Unheard of, but I was tired, and am now feeling much more energetic. Good thing as I have a lot of baking and several appointments in the next few days.


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