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Upon learning the sad news of Mary Oliver’s death last Friday, I pulled out her Devotions: The Selected Poems of Mary Oliver. *  The poems in this 2017 publication, include work from her very first book of poetry, No Voyage and Other Poems, published in 1963, through Felicity, published in 2015. Mary arranged the poems in  Devotions. The first poem I turned to – on page 14 – was this:

 The Gift 

Be still my soul, and steadfast. Earth and heaven both are still watching though time is draining from the clock and your walk, that was confident and quick, has become slow.

So, be slow if you must, but let the heart still play its true part. Love still as once you loved, deeply and without patience. Let God and the world know you are grateful. That the gift has been given.”

Over the past few days I’ve read many tributes to Mary Oliver’s words of peace, quiet, gratitude, encouragement. I am saddened but heartened that we have the gift of  her words to console, guide and inspire us. Thank you Mary.

My reading queue continues to grow – tho’ I must admit that  over the past week, I’ve added more titles than words actually read.  Currently new “to read” includes Tara Westover’s Educated (via Audible) and Wabi Sabi by Beth Klimpton (print ). The back cover says wabi sabi teaches us to find more meaning and inspiration in our perfectly imperfect lives.

Knitting on the stocking, tho’ slow, continues; each stitch brings me closer to a fini! Also, over the past several days, I’ve been true to finding myself in my sewing room circa  9 am, honoring my commitment to stitch on a quilt I’m making for  ???  (name to be revealed at a later date).

Joining Kat and friends for this week’s edition of Unraveled Wednesday! Hop on over to see what others are making and reading.


* Devotions: The Selected Poems of Mary Oliver. Penquin Press, New York. 2017.

10 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 1.23.19 …

  1. I’ve been exploring the Wabi Sabi concept lately myself. (It seems to be “the new hygge”!) That looks like an interesting book! I, too, am grateful for the gift of Mary Oliver’s life work. XO


  2. I have several volumes of Mary Oliver’s poetry including Devotions. She’s my favorite poet. We attended a concert at Sarah’s church Sunday night and the musicians read several of her poems—some unfamiliar to me. I’m hoping to get into the habit of reading one or two every day and work my way through Devotions.


  3. I’ve really enjoyed reading all the Mary Oliver this past week. Kym said it was like her greatest hits album, and it has been, but also a few new-to-me – yours being one of them. Thank you for that gift. Also the whole Wabi-Sabi thing … off to investigate! (many of your blog posts send me off in a new-to-me direction … and I love it!)


  4. I’m fascinated that wabi-sabi is making a (re-)appearance – I think I first posted about it, and about perfection/imperfection, back in 2010 … Having read BK’s book, I’m interested to see what you make of it! And a lovely tribute to Mary Oliver. I know a few, but must get myself a collection of her poetry. The lines you’ve posted send a tingle down my spine. Oooh, a new quilt? Loving your white on white fabric …


  5. Hmm, Wabi Sabi is new to me and I am intrigued! I might have to see if my library has that book!

    I have been thinking deeply about making birds – I am a “flat stitcher” and am trying valiantly to wrap my head around how I might do it well, not flat! It’s a work in progress!


  6. I love Mary’s words. They are beautiful and full of nature and human nature. That stocking is going to be sooooo awesome! Cold here. Snowfall about 5 inches. Very pretty. now the cold comes


  7. Like other commenters, the concept of Wabi-Sabi is new to me. I do like the sounds of embracing our imperfect lives. I have many of Oliver’s books but just this week ordered a copy of Devotions. I find it intriguing to follow a writer’s work through their career so will be happy to read some of her earliest poems. Enjoy your sewing/quilting. I need to follow your lead and begin to set Norah’s Christmas quilt blocks together.


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