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This photo is of my youngest grand niece, Kayla, circa age 4. Today, she celebrates her 18th birthday!  A family gathering  for dinner at Maggiano‘s was planned; she wanted to celebrate on the actual date. Hey, one only turns 18 once. Well, as luck would have it, today’s weather forecast is calling for rain, snow, cold – courtesy of the Polar Vortex –  to begin around PM rush hour traffic. So, she cancelled and will reschedule. Of course! We all  applaud her for her graciousness in handling her disappointment.  We are all disappointed. Looking at the variations of her name, its meaning and synonyms, I have to say her mother picked the best name for this young woman; she’s going far! Adulting is hard work and I think, know that she will meet the challenge with aplomb!


Speaking of words: according to quora, the OED – Oxford English Dictionary – second edition contains 171,476 words in current use, and 47,156 obsolete words. The number count varies due to a variety of factors… In my craft and sewing studios are wooden words that have been my guides and touchstones, my one little word/s, over the past nine years… This year’s word, in some ways, has been elusive; it sort of misses a bit of intrigue, verve.  I keep trying out (other) words and find myself coming back to one – habit: Design. Action. Practice.

There are some habits in my repertoire I want to grow, strengthen, refine, cultivate,  curate, and others I am determined to jettison. Watch this space…

Join(ing) Juliann and others on the last Tuesday of the month in sharing our experiences with our word/s. Have you chosen a one little word – OLW- for 2019?


14 thoughts on “a word or two…

  1. I think habit is the best word for you and when I think of good habits, I think of you. And, Happy birthday dear Kayla!! I am sorry that the weather is not cooperating in the celebration of your day!


  2. Happy 18, Kayla! Enjoy your special day — and then you can enjoy it all over again when you celebrate with family. I can’t wait to see where HABIT takes you! XO


  3. Happy Birthday, Kayla! I can’t believe she’s 18!! wow, she was in elementary school (2nd grade?!?) when you and I first met. Time flies. Look forward to following along on your Habit journey. Stay warm!!


  4. Oh my, is Kayla really eighteen? I must have been seeing photos and reading your stories of her for half her life … Many congratulations to you all, for nurturing such a fine young woman! And if she picks up half your good habits, she will be doing great :). I like ‘habit’ – it has a nice strong, solid ring to it. Have you been reading any books about habits? I have a few …


    1. You are right! I started blogging when she was just about 9 years old! I think I need to acquire some of her good habits. And yes, I’ve been reading – for years – books on habits…and have many in the queue…tbc! Cheers~


  5. I think HABITS is a great OLW—and one that most of us could utilize! Happy Birthday to Kayla, and what a bummer to get rotten weather on your 18th birthday. Ahhh, winter. It was clear but very cold this morning when I picked up a friend for her birthday breakfast. By the time we left, it was snowing, visibility was poor, and so were the roads. Now the sun is shining, leading me to believe that my 2:00 meeting will not be cancelled. I was rather hoping it would be. Keep warm!


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