TGIF | 3.22.19 …

Thinking: Our taste of Spring was just that. Today, it’s cold and windy and cloudy. The only thing missing: snowflakes. Niece Chris is enjoying beach weather in Mexico… lucky her. It’s nearly noon and I’m still in my jammies…may as well stay for Journal Club, just an hour away! Where has the time gone?


Grateful: Yesterday, our girl Dolly celebrated her 33rd birthday! I recall so clearly the first time we met: She, her mom and grandmother (my sister and niece) came to spend Christmas with us. What a “dolly” she was (and still is). It has been more fun watching her grow over these years and she is the best mom ever to those two little boys, Chris and Elias. Happy Birthday Dolly! Here’s to many, many more! Cheers~

Inspired: I have had the app DayOne Journal on my Apple devices: Mac; iPad and iPhone for several years – tho’ I’ve not used since September 2018. This morning I decided to give it another look-see and was amazed at the new + improved capabilities: voice activation; writing with the Apple pen or your finger on the iOS devices; synchronization across all three platforms; entry via the Apple Watch; and one can even have a book printed (for a cost, of course). There is also an Android version. I’m excited and especially intrigued because I think I have just found the best tool for writing my story, one that enables me to use all the methods I employ in both the analog and digital worlds to capture thoughts, events, feelings, pictures, etc…


(Image taken Oct 2016; cat still perches on the window sill – to be seen!)

Fun: From time to time, I’ve shared photos and a story or so about Smoke, the neighborhood feral cat. S/he’s been around easily 11 years. Norman feeds  and I’m sure others in the neighborhood do also. I know a neighbor, now deceased, did and also had the cat neutered/spayed. This morning, Norman interrupted whatever’s he was doing on the computer to feed her … and she’d disappeared. He was, to say the least, ticked off, especially when I called to his attention “there s/he is!”as she sauntered back onto the deck. I wish you could’ve heard the words. T’was too funny! But all’s well: the cat’s been fed and Norman’s back at his computer! (I think the cat is female).

And with that, I wish you the best weekend.


7 thoughts on “TGIF | 3.22.19 …

  1. I looked at DayOne Journal some time ago and was not sure it was better than my old fashioned paper journal – but this sounds intriguing! I will have to look at it again. Happy Birthday to Dolly! And, you have a fantastic weekend – stay warm!!


  2. Happy Birthday to Dolly! Such fun to have so many family memories. I think we all cherish them. Once upon a time a writing teacher mentioned a book, “Writing the Memoir: From Truth to Art” by Judith Barrington. Published in 2002, it isn’t new. At the time, I was just beginning to write (other than at work) but I did get some helpful information from it. Might be worth looking for at the library. I hope you write your story.


  3. Happy Birthday, Dolly! Those little boys are the cutest. Your ambition to write your story is impressive. I’ve finally started journaling in a more meaningful way this year—takes a lot more paper, but I’m managing to get something (or a lot) down every day. All by hand . . .


  4. I am simply delighted that Dolly is celebrating a birthday … and being a happy Mom to those two beautiful boys. I love that you’re looking into an online journaling tool … anything that makes it easier to write and share our stories is a good thing! Happy Weekend!!


  5. Warmest good wishes to the Birthday Young Woman and to all of you who have supported her this far – you sound rightly proud :). And hoping that the DayOne jouranlling app helps you capture more of what is meaningful to you …


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