sometimes mondays | 3.25.19…

“Coffee, Tea and Me…

I started drinking coffee when I was 17 and pretty much did so until 2005 – when I switched to tea. Mainly because the addition was being built – and we were without a kitchen and stove, just the microwave. Heating water for tea was was easy and I do not like instant coffee. Besides, microwave cooking has been a staple with me since 1985! All in all, it just made plain sense.

Fast forward to today: The microwave died over the weekend. To heat water, I use the electric stove. Earlier this year I opined that I might buy an electric tea kettle; suffice it to say, I have not, yet.

  • News Flash! I just remembered: I do, however, have a brand-spanking-new -still-in-the-box, electric coffee maker! I can use it for boiling water until I decide to:
    • resume morning coffee drinking or
    • buy an electric tea kettle and
    • replace the microwave – which, quiet as it’s kept, will be #3 – since we replaced the first one, bought in 2005, in 2014.

    Today’s sunrise was lovely and I’ve a lot to do this morning before I leave for my Monday Morning quilt meeting. And no doubt, shopping for a new microwave oven!

    Wishing you a great day!


    12 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 3.25.19…

    1. Why can’t appliances just be like they used to be? My grand parents gave my parents their Maytag Washer and dryer (they still worked completely fine, but my grandmother wanted new appliances), My parents then gave me and my now ex-husband that same washer and dryer when we bought our first house. We used them for 12 years before they finally gave out. I believe that those appliances lasted more than 40 years.


    2. I’m still a coffee in the morning person. I like tea, but for some reason it does not sit well with me in the a.m. We do have an electric kettle now which we both really like (except it is loud…but fast). And yup, appliances don’t last like they used to. Frustrating for sure.


    3. I’m not much of a microwave person. I have one. I just rarely use it. (Mostly to re-heat leftovers. . . ) I do have a little electric tea kettle, though. And it gets a LOT of use. 🙂


    4. Your quilted Union Jack mug is adorable.

      I definitely love coffee, but I’m trying so hard to switch to tea. But sometimes, the pull of the latte is just too strong and I am weak ……….I get a latte. LOL


    5. I need coffee in the morning. I enjoy it all day long. I also enjoy tea, but only after those first few cup(s – yes plural!) of coffee. all that said, we have three coffee makers – electric, stove-top and french-press. We also have ONE electric kettle and a microwave. All the bases covered. so long as we have electricity OR gas! GOOD LUCK!! (I am VERY cranky without coffee. very ….)


    6. Great lateral thinking … And hoping your shopping goes well. Being such a tea-drinking nation, an electric kettle is such a standard appliance here that I have never seen a house without one. Except my grandfather’s home where they had no electricity and there was always a big black cast-iron kettle sitting on the huge open fire! I like your green and blue patterned wrap (?) on the mug. Wish our Union Jack could look like that!


      1. I saw one electric kettle that had dials for heating water for the type of tea one planned to drink…the friend who gave me the cup is from Scotland,originally…I imagine the design appealed to her for that reason plus its quilty look. She does not quilt but does knit!

        On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 6:57 AM Morning Glory Studio wrote:



    7. I used to love French Press coffee! I had to give up my AM coffee in January due to a med that I take. If I have any caffeine Im nauseated. Ugh. So sadly my coffee days are gone for awhile, I hope not forever. Enjoy it for me.


    8. A few years ago I quit drinking caffeinated coffee and tea for medical reasons. I’ll tell you it was a stretch because I loved morning coffee. I found some decaf and herbal teas as decaf coffee just wasn’t the same. We heat water in a kettle on the stove or in the microwave. I have a friend who has an electric kettle and she loves it. I have considered putting it on the list. Good luck with microwave shopping.


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