tgif update

thankful for a new microwave oven: same model fits in same cubby.* Wahoo! Hot water for tea resumes …

getting ready for a very busy and fun weekend: Metropolitan Opera tomorrow (Sat) – a full five hours of Wagner’s Die Walkure and on Sunday, hosting my Friendstitching group …

fun: Chris and her pup Hazel at the dog park

Enjoy your weekend!


4 thoughts on “tgif update

  1. aw, that Hazel looks like a good friend for Chris … I’m nervous/excited about the opera (we’re going Wednesday) – nervous about the long run-time (can I sit for FIVE hours?!) and so excited to see Wagner for the first time!! ENJOY!!!!


  2. Oh Hazel!!!!! Hope your weekend was sweet. I got to see Zach today in chicago. It made me miss him more! But he is hanging on with his difficult teachign job and it is giving him pause for what he wishes to do next


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