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I love gardens. Especially the English garden kind. I am not a gardener… at least not yet. I am at best, a wanna-be gardener…and every year, I think, perhaps this year? Spring has been especially lush this year. The gardens – both kept and unkept- spectacular. I suppose in many ways, quilting might be considered a form of gardening…and that’s probably a big stretch…

Right before the quilt show, the above book arrived on my doorstep: I’d ordered it; I don’t recall how it came to my attention. Perhaps a siren call. I’m not even sure I’d ever heard of the author. She is one of  America’s best known garden writers, has a blog/garden weekly podcast, away to garden.com

I am delighted  the book is in my possession: I’m not only learning but also enjoying reading about gardening year round…and the photos are superb. I’ve toyed with the idea of garden as my word for the year. Perhaps 2020.  In the meantime, I will continue to savor the book , listen to the podcast and contemplate future options.


Knitting, stitching needles and sewing machine have all been quite idle ~ I’m still recuperating  (from the quilt show).  I am also gathering new creative toys and ideas. One new toy: a circular weaving loom. I now have three types of weaving looms to play with over the summer.

Actually, as I think about it, my creative garden list is growing by leaps and bounds…but as with a garden, one has to be vigilant and ever tending or else wind up with weeds. Guess I’d better get busy…

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday!



8 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday|someday maybe…

  1. My interest is piqued by both your book and your new weaving loom! (And, yes – I think quilting is very similar to gardening – with no stretch at all!!)


  2. Both the book and the weaving project look very intriguing. I would agree with Kat – I don’t think it is much of stretch to find the similarities between gardening and quilting. A garden can be anything you want and that is what makes them magical.


  3. So glad you found Margaret Roach! She is WONDERFUL. 🙂
    Gardening . . . is art. Pure and simple! So there is no stretch at all between gardening and quilting. XO


  4. I’m fascinated by the circular loom, and love the colors of yarn you’ve placed on top of it. Looking forward to seeing what you create with it!


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