Currently| 6.28.19

5:41 pm | 91 degrees |unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups


Hearing a clap of thunder…

Seeing tree leaves sway a bit more and birds dart across the sky …

Watching the sky change from sunny and blue to grey as rain clouds are ushered in…

Listening to jazz vocal hits …oldies and some new …

Taking a loooong sip of ice cold water …

Laughing at Norman who just suggested that we could “turn the AC off; it’s cold in here.” I responded: “It’s not cold in here. Would you like a blanket?” And we both laughed …

Thinking I’d best wrap this post – the thunder claps are getting louder and closer, the trees swaying even more and the sky, greyer…me thinks the storm’s just moments away!

Enjoy the weekend and the last two days of June!


7 thoughts on “Currently| 6.28.19

  1. We just had a thunderstorm, complete with hail and loads of lightning strikes, that I watched from the porch. It was a great show! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. I am laughing with you and Norman too! (and it was still almost ninety here at 730pm) We heard lots of thunder but no rain fell here.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Golly, that all sounds very dramatic … Hoping the storm brought fresher and more comfortable air for you. Ah, Ella Fitzgerald … :).


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