welcome july …

~sunrise today 7:03 am~

Welcome July! You arrived complete with sunshine and delightful temperatures. It’s been a real treat to greet you with the deck doors wide open!

This morning not only started a new month with a new calendar entry but also, a new Scribbles journal. It felt so good to “open it and begin journaling, again, for the first time.” I have big staycation plans for the summer months, ending with the arrival of the autumnal equinox. But more on that down the road. First, a look at this past monthJune:

You will note quite a few photos of flowers: Spring – and now Summer – was especially gorgeous, a result of all the rain we had. Trees and shrubbery are fuller and a lusher green; les fleurs, more abundant and vibrant. I’m even convinced the sky is bluer – when it is blue!

  • #1 and #14: two excursions to Zeke’s, my neighborhood coffee roaster/shop ~ warm enough to sit out!
  • #2 and #4 from Kayla’s and my trip to the new Apple Carnegie library…
  • Swans – # 7 and #25 – are this summer’s Journal Club animal spirit guide; seems that everywhere I look these days I see the swan image. My subconscious brain at work‽
  • # 8 – flowers in  are an example of thread painting with a sewing machine; I saw them on a pillow at Target. The picture reminds me that I plan to try the technique this summer, just for fun…
  •  # 9 – friends, Margaret and Ed, have a sweet new rescue dog: Hannah; I got to meet her for the first time…
  •  #11 captures sunlight streaming through a wooded area…
  • # 15 and #16  – are from Chris’ 5th birthday party  at the Climbing Zone. He decided not to climb, tho’ he gave it a try; niece Kayla did make it to the top!
  • #17 – June’s full Strawberry moon – a stock photo coupled with a web article I read; unfortunately, the sky was cloudy so I didn’t get to see the moon in real life…
  • #19 – I thought the tree was interesting; not sure how it lost all its leaves but it made for a different photo of #blueskyblooms – or not!
  • #20 – a delicious Caprese mini pizza, without onion, made by friend Hilary for me! Onions and I don’t get along. I discovered that the blurry photo was the result of my camera lens needing to be cleaned!
  • #23 – Norman all dressed up for Men’s Recognition Day at church…
  •  # 26 and #27 – sunset and a sunrise shadow…
  • #30 – #blueskyblooms  of a Crepe Myrtle; they are quite luscious this year, tho’ the photo doesn’t give justice.

And that’s a wrap for June 2019 and this post. Hoping your July is off to a fantastic start, as is mine. Looking forward to spending July with you!


PS. Oops! #1 was taken outside the Clarice Performing Arts Center; I was waiting for friends to arrive and sitting outside with a glass of wine before the concert!

8 thoughts on “welcome july …

  1. What a month! It’s always fun to see the story the mosaic tells …I really see spring transitioning to summer and as always, love the mix of people, things and scenery. Here’s to July!


  2. There is something lovely about seeing a whole month together – I’m pondering this … You’ve had some super weather and beautiful nature around you, and happy family times. (I was wondering about photo 29? You look pensive …). I like your shadow photo very much indeed – inspired.


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