unraveled wednesday | 7.3.19 …


Joining Kat and friends for another unraveled wednesday.

   11 am      85°  

sitting outside @ Zekes… enjoying an iced decaf caramel latté  and this lovely summer day before it gets too hot and …watching foot and motor traffic  – including a bare-chested man on a motorized scooter – whiz by on the Avenuefeeling the coolness of the summer breeze …


listening to this book – my walking companion – totally mesmerized by not only the story – plausible ???  – but mostly, the author’s way with words: poignant, liltingly graphic. The book is being made into a movie…I’ll be interested in seeing how it compares. I am eager to see how the book ends – for there is mystery and intrigue – but I may also reread in print (digital) as I have in my Kindle library, too.

We’re having a very quiet holiday tomorrow. Wishing you an enjoyable holiday.


10 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 7.3.19 …

  1. Where the Crawdad Sing is one of three novels I’ve read this year that I loved and have stuck with me. Her descriptions were so evocative; I’m still thinking about some of them as well. I liked the book so much, the movie might be hard to see, but I’m betting I will. Have a great holiday!


  2. I think I need to add Where the Crawdads Sing to my list; you’ve made it sound like a great summer read (and the waterlogued cover is lovely)! I thought of you when I read there might be tanks rumbling down the parade route in DC; I hope your holiday is quiet!


  3. Sending warmest good wishes across the pond for your 4th July holiday. How relaxed and summery you sound (and look!) … I always enjoy your book recommendations, so I will give this one a look too. Your waterlogues are super – the metallic chair and table is so visually evocative, I could almost feel myself there.


  4. I too spent some brief moments outside yesterday morning – before the heat was too overwhelming! I really loved Where the Crawdads Sing – you are right about Owens beautiful use of the language. Her words made me feel like I was sitting in the delta, hearing the wildlife. I loved learning that she is a zoologist who worked for years in Africa with her husband. The Cry of the Kalahari is on my read list!


  5. Your watercolored photos are so pretty. I love them. I am also listening to Where The Crawdads Sing and enjoying the lyrical language. I also think it would be good to read in print or digital form just to savor the writing. Hot and humid in Nebraska as well. We are having a quiet day but since our community allows personal fireworks, late evening will be loud and long. I feel sorry for any Veteran with PTSD as well as pets and songbirds.


  6. Well how lovely! Im glad you are enjoying your book! My neighbor drives his tractor mower without a shirt on. It isn’t very pretty. But he’ happy. He’s also very sun damaged. I don’t know how the mosquitoes don’t eat him alive. I was out feeding miracle grow to my best plants and trees last night in my long sleeve jacket and hood with knit gloves on. Oh they wanted to eat me so badly, but they couldn’t. Think I sweated out a few pounds! Today i purchased a chemical free mosquito/tick repellant. Fireman laughed at me. He swears by DEET. I won’t touch the stuff


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