hello monday |7.8.19 …



Today started with an emergency weather alert : flash flood warning til 11:15 am, accompanied by thunder and lightening …  and the rains came. Then magically, just about 11:15 am, the rains stopped, the sky brightened and all was good.

I spent most of this day – as well as a few last week, purging stuff – mostly paper. Saturday, we took quite a haul, including the stuff that’s been languishing in the garage far too long, to the city’s solid waste and recycling center.  It occurred to me one day last week that most of the stuff in my craft studio is paper:

  • books and magazines;
  • files – some may need weeding;
  • journals – both filled and others, waiting;
  • supplies: memory keeping; office; printer;
  • scrapbook albums (approximately 50 – some completed, most are “in process”);
  • holiday cards and assorted notepapers; just plain stuff.

I  think I should rename my craft studio my stuff studio .

The rain has ended; the sun shines; I do not know if there was any flash flooding. Soon,  Monday will come to a close and I will have all day tomorrow to purge more



12 thoughts on “hello monday |7.8.19 …

  1. I always have a good feeling when I get rid of excess and unnecessary stuff; I hope you are feeling good about it also. Some/enough stuff is good, but too much is awful!


  2. I do like a good purge – now and then. And what to do with all the journals? Now and then I look back to see what I wrote about something but really will anyone else care? I wonder. Photos – before the digital age – are on my summer agenda – going through them and deciding what to save. How do we get so much stuff?


  3. There is something cathartic about clearing out the unwanted, the unnecessary, and the unused. Hope Tuesday is a GOOD day all around.


  4. Purging is a very satisfying experience, but one that never seems to end! I seem to go in spurts. I think a major overhaul is in the offing this fall.


  5. so much paper! … the picture I have in my mind of your studio is one of Fabric … guess I need to adjust!


  6. I thought of you when we heard over here about the flash floods in Washington – glad to hear you’ve not been personally affected. Ah, yes, paper … You seem to be making great inroads into clearing out things no longer of use of value. More power to your elbow! Will you keep your journals? I’m in two minds about mine …


  7. Im in a purge mood too. Sold the lil college refrigerator. Trying to get Firemans mountain bike sold. Thinking of selling a few other items I no longer want or need! Hope you say dry!


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