uraveled wednesday | 7.24.19 …



I’m making a fabric cover for a journal and have hit a small, yet solvable, puzzle: how to create a closure. Could it be:

  • an elastic band, e.g., the type used on a Traveler’s Notebook? Do I have any grommets?
  • a ribbon that can be tied? Probably the easiest;
  • an elastic “frog” that fastens around a button? Can I find such an item? I can clearly see one in my mind’s eye.

I’m sure I’ll come up with the best solution. Moving right along…

On my daily walks, I’m reading (listening to) Educated by Tara Westover. It’s an interesting memoir and well narrated. I’m struck by the author’s ability to translate her vivid childhood memories  into very readable descriptive prose. I don’t normally give stars to books but if I were, I’d easily give this one 3.8 stars.

Time to take a walk and enjoy this absolutely beautiful cooler day!

Joining Kat and friends for another installment of unraveled wednesday..


15 thoughts on “uraveled wednesday | 7.24.19 …

  1. It’s always kind of fun to be figuring out your options! I’m looking forward to seeing what how you close your journal. I’m in two book groups . . . I just read Educated for one of them a couple of months ago, and now my other book group selected it for next year! Good thing I liked it, huh? 😉


  2. How about a ‘tab’ ending with a butterfly and putting Velcro under the butterfly and in the appropriate place on the cover?


  3. I’m a big fan of the elastic closure on my traveler’s notebook – it keeps everything secure, expands as needed … and is really simply! … your 3.8 star rating made me smile – it’s so precisely NOT 3, 3.5 or 4 🙂


  4. I like your thoughtful options for a closure; you’ll have to let us know what you decide upon. I’m also a fan of the quite precise 3.8 rating!


  5. I am with Mary and LOVE my Traveler’s notebook elastic closure! But, I am sure you will come up with the perfect closure! And, three cheers for NO HUMIDITY! (And, and end to the Mueller Testimony!)


  6. You’ve chosen a beautiful fabric for the journal cover. I know I’d be tempted to go with the elastic closure. I do like the one on the traveler’s notebook, and it is definitely an easy fix!


  7. Beautiful fabric for your journal cover. I like the idea of an elastic closure, possibly with a button or bead added? It will be fun to see what you do. I was not a fan of Educated (but I think I’m in the minority…which is ok).


  8. I would enjoy seeing a photo of your finished journal. I know it is not as practical but I love to tie a handmade book with a long ribbon. I think cooler weather has inspired all of us. Hooray.


  9. I love your butterflies Honore. I really do. We have seen many monarchs already this year and I am so glad. I tried to see what they were going towards yesterday in the yard….and it was a weed. SO that gives me a great excuse not to pull weeds right?


  10. Oooooo wow….is this what I think it is???? My last handmade journal cover has a purple elastic band which I love it! Jus sayin’! You’re an inspiration, love & vugs,


  11. Yes, button to cover the join!
    And BTW I listened to Educated and she is an amazing writer but I just wanted to shake her sometimes to snap out of her dysfunctional family, oh my!


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