unraveled wednesday | 8.7.19 …


~gingko leaves~

Not much on the horizon this week. I was looking over photos taken over the  past several days and rather surprised that the pickins were rather slim. I did so enjoy seeing these gingko leaves against the afternoon sky this past Saturday…as I wended my way home…


…and this is another look at the journal. I went with an elastic band, found a small lock and keys  in my stash (who knew?) and just for fun, added them.


I also added two bands on the inside front/back covers to help hold a journal in place…the fabric in the middle of the band is stretchy; hopefully, that will allow the cover to expand as my friend fills in her journal…she does a lot of tipping in of pages she’s culled from magazines, ephemera, etc… all which contribute to the journal’s growth.

Educated, the book and podcasts remain my faithful walking companions. I’m dipping into a lot of different nonfiction titles on habits and “unplugging” from the digital world. I’ll do a roundup soon.

Off to run a few errands before a 1pm hair appt…Joining Kat and friends for another round of unraveled wednesdays.


5 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 8.7.19 …

  1. I have not seen Ginko leaves in AGES and I love them. That’s a great shot Honore! What a cute addition to the journal cover (lock and keys)…I remember having a locking diary when I was a little girl and it made me feel so mature – that I would have secrets to record that I would need to lock up – lol. Just have the lock and keys as decoration would give me that feeling gain.


  2. Ginko leaves are so interesting – what a great photo. I love the little lock and key – perfect for a journal. Do you listen to Tracy K. Smith’s podcast “The Slow Down.” It is very short but I love how she interprets a poem with her own experiences. The sound of her voice is just gorgeous.


  3. Oh, my! I love how that journal cover looks! Dare I hope for a bit of a “how to” here soon? I would love to make one myself!

    And, I too have been enjoying August skies – this morning was the most wonderful shade of blue with nary a cloud in sight!


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