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thinking:  I’ve run out of steam;  made a list of 8 things to do today ~ so far I’m batting 50%. I’ve been taking it slow n’ easy…

grateful:  I’ve nowhere to be or anyplace to go today, tomorrow, Sunday …

inspiration: since Tuesday, I’ve been participating in a mini LOAD (layout a day);*  the theme is Yearbook/School Memories and it’s been lots of fun. Yesterday’s (Thursday)  topic: school lunches. Perfect ~  for this was also the day my Thursday stitching group met at Hilary’s – the brunch spread was phenomenal. Seasonal produce; quiche; and homemade peach ice cream! Yum!

fun: for this mini-LOAD, I am using a Traveler’s Notebook – it is the perfect size. I plan to use this size more often; I can feel my creative juices beginning to flow ~ who knows what adventures lie ahead?

Enjoy your weekend. And now, I’m back to creating today’s LOAD : Recess/Breaks is the topic.


*just 7 days compared to the month long events held February, May and October.

7 thoughts on “tgif | 8.16.19 …

  1. Your “lunch” page is so cute! I love the written memory! And, I agree – Traveler’s size is practically perfect!

    I am hoping that your days of no plans help you get back on track and refuel you! XO


  2. Give yourself permission to relax and rest Honore!!!! Recharging is a great thing for our minds and bodies. I love your travel journal idea for the perfect size. They are usually thick, I think. When I need to slow it down, I groom the cats or I garden a bit.


  3. Your journaling brought back a lot of memories about school lunches! Enjoy the stretch of “free” days! I look forward to every one of them.


  4. Your journal notes are just right for the Traveler’s size notebook. Your thoughts about lunch brought back some memories for me. During elementary school, we walked home for lunch. I think we had an hour. That probably doesn’t happen anywhere anymore.


  5. I always think about school lunches at back to school time; during elementary school the choosing of the lunch box for a whole year was a big deal. I hope yesterday was a day of rest and recharging for you!


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