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I recall seeing these lilies last year and was delighted to stumble across them again

   Noting that today’s temperature was on the way upppp, I took my daily walk early … and I’m so glad I did! The temp, as I pen this, is now 97° F …and climbing. Yuk! After I walked, showered, had brunch, I went upstairs, about noon, to attend to today’s @computer/calls tasks. First on my list: today’s blog post. Hah! It is now 2:50 pm – I’m not sure where the time went. I recall reading an email that directed me 1)  to a book that  2) sent me down a rabbit hole. And now, I’m up for air… can’t even say I’m any wiser and I’m definitely not ahead with today’s agenda possibilities…but, hey, that’s just how sometimes mondays  roll.

Guess I’ll replenish my iced H2O and resume my list. One done and next? Hmm, let’s see: guess I’ll throw the dice and see what’s next!

Hope your Monday is cool and relaxing.


7 thoughts on “sometimes mondays |8.19.19 |…

  1. It was definitely a good morning to be out early and then retreat indoors to the climate controlled house! (Perfect for sewing!!) Although, I had to run some errands this afternoon – I did manage to get one tunic finished as well as some jam made!


  2. I love those lilies! With no leaves, the long stems and lovely flowers really show off, and it’s always a surprise (to me, anyway) to see lilies in late summer!


  3. I have never seen lilies like these. They are gorgeous. So regal looking…so straight! No leaves! Love the shade of pink. I think this weather lends itself to days just disappearing…and then I wonder where the time went – lol.


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