unraveled wednesday | 8.21.19 …



My morning intentions were simple : take advantage of cooler temperatures and treat myself to an early walk and sit-out on the avenue @ Zeke’s. I gathered my stuff:  my journal + pen/s; iPad + iPhone; money; the book in the photo; and off I went. T’was still cool; that was good. About 4 blocks from home, I realized I’d left the plug outlet for my iTools…oops, I might need! I turned around, went back home to retrieve the plug and found a package at the front door – but not for me (for Norman). 

Off I went, again and finally arrived at Zeke’s – about a 1.5 mile walk. Ordered coffee and sat at an outside table, ready to take in the sights and resume MSQT. T’wasn’t to be. A woman sat at the table next to me – she was waiting for a bus to take her downtown. We struck up a conversation and maybe 6 buses later, she decided to continue her journey.

By then, my coffee cup was empty and I was ready to make the return trip home. I went inside Zeke’s to get some water for the journey and ran into a former neighbor; we chatted a bit and went our separate ways. On my way home, I ran into another friend and we walked about a half block together, parting company at the library. I meandered through the park, eventually arrived home, ready for a shower. Sadly, the heat and humidity had returned.

After my shower – not sure the time, I did a couple loads of laundry and went upstairs to write this blog post. But first, I checked email and you probably know what happened… I got caught up in the email …

It is now 5:20 pm. Laundry done; responses to email; a couple friends’ blog posts read and comments made – Welcome Home Mary! And finally, this post written and soon to be published.

Joining Kat and friends for their tales of unraveling; do take a look.


8 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 8.21.19 …

  1. That book looks intriguing. Sometimes the unexpected brings a nice change of pace. I’ve been walking early to beat the heat and will be sooo glad when I can walk later in the day. Sweater weather is my favorite.


  2. Well how nice to be around those who want to chat a bit. When winter hits, our interactions become fewer and fewer. We lived in our old sidewalked town for thirty years. We ran into someone everywhere. here it is so different. I kind of love the anonymity .


  3. That is so great that you got to have conversations with so many people on your outing! About the only people I talk to these days are the sales people at stores and my husband… Sigh..


  4. Hello again! in spite of the heat, I love that you’ve managed to be out and about so much this month. Loved the story of your trip to the “upcoming fall reads” show … you always find the most interesting books! I’m TWO books away from covering my Bingo card and I’ve been delighted with many of the titles I stumbled upon. Turns out not having a summer reading plan has worked really well. (and now, of course, I just need to make the time to share what I’ve been reading with y’all).


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