tgif | 9.27.19 …



sunrise @ 6:46 am

thankful: relishing this morning’s sensational sunrise coupled with cool – 62° F- temperatures …

grateful: for an extended morning of solitude and quiet …

inspired: by today’s first Journal Club session of the Fall 2019 season. Each season, an animal spirit guide is selected by drawing a card from a pack. Dolphin is this season’s  guide; one wonders how dolphin will show up …

finding it hard to believe that September is nearly over…seems that Labor Day weekend was just yesterday. Time indeed does fly!

wishing you a wonderful, restful and peaceful weekend.






4 thoughts on “tgif | 9.27.19 …

  1. Being away for 3/4 of September meant it really flew by! This is the first day since we’ve been home, that I’ve been able to stay home. It’s been a VERY productive morning. Purged all the closets (inspired by a friend who is cleaning out her MIL’s apartment). Don’t want anyone to find that much stuff in mine! Need to get to the crafting table this afternoon. Betsy held off the family dinner for Skylar’s birthday until we returned. The inside sentiment needs to be completed, and I have gifts to wrap!


  2. I too feel September went too fast! If the world were to right itself I am thinking of a DC trip . National monuments etc. But only if the world rights itself. So don’t hold your breath, but have hope!


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