collecting september 2019 …



Here we are into another month. Seems just yesterday September was beginning! September was hot, almost too hot to spend outside but I managed to get my fair share of the outdoors in. Memories of the days:

1 – The first brings the latest One Little Word prompt from Ali Edwards; t’is how I usually begin that morning …

3 – Chris returning home from his first day of school and l’il brother Elias ever so happy to see him; t’was a long day …

4 – Lovely flowers and discovered a new yoga studio on my  morning walk; Note To Self: remember to look into the offerings …

5 – For sure, a sign of autumn, as also in 16, 17, 19, & 20. It’s been hot and dry; not sure what the Fall colors are going to look like this year …

6, 10, 26*, 28 & 29 – AM  and/or PM sky, always a study …. * 26 is a photo of a plane flying toward the moon ( kinda hard to see); reminded me of the popular phrase  to the moon and back

7 – A beautiful day, weather wise. I walked to the Franciscan Monastery and enjoyed being out in the nature, as Dolly – now 33 – characterized when she was a little one …

8 – Hazel, niece Chris’ pup, is no longer hazel in coloring; 14 – meet Tiki, dog of one of my quilting friends …

9 – A quilt pattern I’ve added to my someday maybe list …

22 – Celebrating friend Pat’s birthday, happy Happy!

25 – Me, waiting at DMV to renew driver’s license … still waiting

29 – Trying to capture the sunset; the mesh screen added a different look to the photo…

30 – UMD marching band practicing… college football season is here!

And thus it was: many moments that contribute to a grateful life.



5 thoughts on “collecting september 2019 …

  1. September did race by! But, you managed to fill it with so many good things! Someday, you and I will walk to the Monastery together! It might be my favorite place that you visit!


  2. I always enjoy these posts, and I especially like your reflection that each day contributes to a grateful life—indeed!


  3. I’m always touched by the grateful and thoughtful way you record your days … These mosaics must be wonderful to look back on. Your 19 brought back wonderful memories of five days in Washington in the Fall – and being up to my knees in beautifully coloured leaves on the pavements!


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