unraveled wednesday | 10.2.19 …



~elm leaves~

today, summer decided to return for a brief, very. hot. spell! at 4 pm, we were one degree away from the predicted high of 95° F… the weather’s been really dry this year and I think the trees are quite distressed. leaves -especially oak- fall and crunch underfoot (leaf collection doesn’t begin til 5 Nov). not seeing any color… maybe after today that scenario will change.


~new books~

progress is slow yet steady on my myriad of projects in the works. the three books pictured above mysteriously appeared at the front door; all are new publications. Start Finishing arrived last week; the other two, yesterday. wonder who keeps ordering these books? hmmm …

joining Kat for another session of unraveled wednesday.



7 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 10.2.19 …

  1. I love when books just mysteriously arrive on my doorstep, and it looks like you’ve got some reading enjoyment ahead! I hope the books keep coming!


  2. I love mysterious book arrivals! That is the best and those all look so interesting! This weather tho…. it can take a darned hike to the southern hemisphere!! I am so over summer – it was 90 degrees here today… overcast! I am so ready for fall-like days!


  3. We had some fall-like days . . . then the hot-and-muggy returned . . . and now it feels like fall again. Seems about right for this time of year . . . Hope things will cool down for you soon!


  4. I think you are having the hot weather that we experienced a few days early. Saturday was down right hot, miserable, and windy. Hmm who does order the books that keep showing up on our doorsteps? I had three arrive just last Friday!


  5. You always have me clicking over to Amazon to find out about books! Today is no exception. We broke a high temperature record yesterday -88°- today is much cooler, and truly chilly weather is supposedly on its way.


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