sometimes monday| 10.14.19 …


October’s full Hunter Moon at 7:20 am today

…comes on the heels of a busy, busy weekend that began Thursday:


…Hostess Hilary of my Thursday Stitching group served us “high tea,” inspired by our afternoon the  previous Thursday at the movie, Downton Abbey

… an unplanned trip Friday to the Honda dealer to have my car’s lane signaler checked – it wasn’t working…fortunately, all things checked out A-OK. The dealership provides a courtesy shuttle within a 5 mile radius so I went to IKEA and had breakfast while I waited…

Saturday, Cissy  (my niece/namesake) and I went to the opening of the Met Live in HD 2019-2010 season, Puccini’s Turandot; c’est magnifique …


Sunday, Friendstitchin’ day, a tad early this month. We celebrated Margaret’s birthday with a delicious brunch: shrimp + crab salad; a huge assortment of cookies, made by our resident cookie baker, Michelle. And oh yes, champagne for the occasion. Despite all the good food, each of us was also productive…


… slowly, the leaves on the maple trees are changing colors. I think it’s really Fall, yall 


9 thoughts on “sometimes monday| 10.14.19 …

  1. That tea table looks elegantly delicious. We saw that large Harvest Moon rise on Sunday as we drove home. It shines over all of us. Happy Autumn!


  2. What a fun and delicious weekend!! The table laden with food looks so good. And the Moon has been spectacular (and clear skies to see it!!). Happy mid-October.


  3. You have the best reading/stitching friends … the food always looks so delicious! and that tree … wow! (we saw the opera yesterday – what a treat!)


  4. My, what a splendid-looking table! You sound happy, and enjoying lots of lovely occasions. Not seen the Downton Abbey film yet … Will probably need to wait now till it arrives on TV :).


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