odds – n – ends …


One of my quilting friends made this adorable Christmas Countdown quilted calendar for the little boys; I’m eager to give it to them but probably won’t til Thanksgiving… Elias will be two! the day before! Hardly seems possible.

We’re getting new exterior doors, both front and back – at ruinous cost I might add; hopefully, installed before Christmas and the cold weather.


We’re all pumped about the Nationals’ playing in the World Series… even Hazel is ready to cheer the team on: Go Nats Go!

I’ve been playin, er uh, practicing the Continental knit stitch… I do like it and may be able to re-program my fingers and my brain.

Norman made chili today; the aroma has been enticing me all afternoon. Time to fix a salad. Hmmm, wonder if we have any Jiffy cornbread mix… that would be good, too.

I am now “real!” My new driver’s license did arrive a couple weeks ago; today I stopped by the library to renew my library card. Showed my real ID/license and library card; a computer key was pushed and voila, my card was renewed. I didn’t have to fill out a single form.

IMG_0340 (1)

Fall’s colors are finally showing up in the trees; especially vivid today against grey skies; reminds me of the first autumn I ever spent in Washington DC – I was here for a weekend conference; never then did I think I’d wind up living here. Never.

Have a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “odds – n – ends …

  1. Those boys will love that Advent quilt! I spent a lot of time the year Sarah was two making an advent calendar from felt. Tracy thought no one would ever appreciate the time I put into it, but in fact, the kids loved it, and now the grandchildren enjoy it when they come to visit. Tracy and I put the ornaments on the tree on the days we’re home alone.


  2. Love the advent quilt, Hazel’s support for the Nationals, chili, and the fact that you are real! NJ still doesn’t have their act together for the real ID license, but I do have a renewed passport. Enjoy the beautiful fall!


  3. Our little people are growing! Our guy will be 3 in December. I took a class on continental stitch but didn’t practice. Maybe I’ll try that out on my next hat.


  4. That advent quilt is awesome! I can’t believe that Elias will be 2 already! Wow, time flies! It is absolutely “Chili Season” and I love it! (and Jiffy Cornbread is just so perfect!)


  5. What a cute advent quilt! It will be a treasure for those little boys! (Two???? Elias is already going to be two????) The leaves on that tree are just stunning. (The red leaves are always my favorites.)


  6. Those REDS!!! I always think of purple and gold as the colors of autumn, but clearly, at least in DC, it’s red! (and oh my, fingers crossed for the Nationals tonight!!) And Elias is almost TWO?!? he’s going to LOVE that Advent Calendar! and of course he has an older brother to show him how it works 🙂


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