sometimes mondays | 10.28.19 …


This photo, tho’ actually taken, Friday 25 October@ sunrise: 7:19 a.m. EST, was almost replicated this day, Monday 28 October, @ sunrise: 7:30 a.m. EST. This morning I did not take a sunrise photo because:

  • a) I knew I already had the above in my photos collection … or
  • b) I was too preoccupied with setting up for an 8:30 am online weekly planning session … or
  • c) ’cause just minutes before today’s sunrise I’d read these words in Ryan Holiday’s new book: Stillness is the Key , p 26:

“Even during a quiet evening at home, all we’re thinking about is the list of improvements that need to be made. There may be a beautiful sunset* but instead of taking it in, we’re taking a picture of it.” 

That passage stopped me, caused me to think: Can one take too many sunrise/sunset pictures? Am I indeed guilty?

And yes, I am! Why? Because

  • it’s not only what you do – take a picture in this always have a camera phone age but also…
  • perhaps it might be my last, ever…
  • because it is so glorious, so wondrous!

So, I concluded,  I would continue to take sunrise/sunset photos for as long as I can  because its a way of tangibly experiencing, appreciating and sharing the awe, promise of a new day, of giving gratitude


*or sunrise

9 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 10.28.19 …

  1. Gorgeous and glorious! I love your reasoning for continuing to take photos of the wondrous and I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you for sharing the awe!


  2. Glorious sunrise! And, I think the magic is to capture the sunrise/set and then spend more moments drinking it in. The memories are more profound when you look back at the photo – at least that is what I have found!

    Happy Monday!


  3. I get what Ryan Holiday is saying though. I remember getting wrapped up in documenting every MOMENT and not really having memories of where we were or what we saw OTHER than what was in the photos.


  4. I could see the sunrise in my Feedly account before I ever opened the post, and thought to myself, “Ohh, another of Honoré’s wonderful sky photos!” So glad you listened to your heart instead of Holiday’s words, though I certainly understand what he’s talking about!


  5. Finding that balance between being present and documenting the days is so important and we each need to do in ways that are honoring to who we are. I love how you pay attention.


  6. My sister is experiencing all the Lasts and Firsts with much emotion right now. I do not think it’s possible to appreciate too many sunrises or sunsets … however we might choose to do that. But like Juliann said, the important part is just paying attention.


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