‘’O’ me of little faith…”

    (screen shot from WSHU.org site)

Last Night : 10.30.19

I went to bed somewhere during the 5th inning, deciding the game was clearly going to be won by the Astros. I said to Norman: “Oh well, they surprised us all and made it to the World Series and this far… nite!” O’ me of little faith

This Morning: 10.31.19

I awoke at my usual dark early time and proceeded to indulge in my favorite AM activity: Morning Solitude and Quiet Time (MSQT):

  • Fixed tea;
  • Journaled a bit;
  • Read another chapter … on journaling… in Stillness is the Key;
  • Decided to look up something on the Internet;
  • Logged onto my iPad/Safari and decided to close a few open windows from previous searches;
  • Got to the WSHU.org site – I listen to Sunday Baroque – sometimes repeat during the week and
  • Shrieked!!!

They WON! They WON! They WON!

Go Nats Go!

7 thoughts on “‘’O’ me of little faith…”

  1. I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU~~~~ I think they were the better team. I LIKE your manager. He was once a Cub. I think living in DC is tough right now and you all deserve this winning fun! !!!! Hooray


  2. Well, that’s just AWESOME!!! I was rooting for them, but we were on the road and I didn’t see any info about the game until I opened up your blog!


  3. I have to think it was probably even MORE exciting for you to find out that way 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS! … I’m glad Washington has something really fun and good to celebrate!


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