gratitude week …


This week, Michelle GD is inviting us all to take a moment to pause and reflect on our day’s gratitude; you can learn more, here .  Thank you Michelle; I am always grateful for this inspiration and invitation to pause and give gratitude for the moments that make up our lives… Today, for me:

  • a crystal blue sky that provides a backdrop for (what’s left of) the autumn leaves;
  • a gathering with quilting friends and a safe journey home;
  • an update from a friend who had surgery and is recovering very well;
  • an afternoon nap – tho’ I’m not a napper I felt the need today – grateful that I not only could, I did!
  • a brisk walk to and through the park ~ love watching children play … and last but not least,
  • a quiet evening to read, relax …

It is now 6:40 pm EST! The sky is dark. I am delighted that we have turned the clock back to real time and yes, I realize that’s arguable since clocks are man made constructs…

What’s on your gratitude list for today?


9 thoughts on “gratitude week …

  1. I subscribed to Michelle’s gratitude prompts also. Today I am grateful for Face Time with a grandson, word that my brother’s run-in with a deer only totaled his truck and resulted in no injuries to life or limb, a walk under the November sky, and a Starbucks Decaf Latte made just right.


  2. I’m also following along with Michelle’s gratitude prompts. Today, grateful for the contrast of the morning fire in the fireplace with the ice on my cheek (had oral surgery on Friday,) the beautiful red leaves of our maple tree outside the window, the lovely sound of chimes ringing with the breeze, and finishing a good book.


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