unraveled wednesday | 11.7.19 …



Totally late to the party…it’s been a busy day, with :

  • laundry – more loads than usual …
  • monthly reconciliation of XPNS (expenses), etc…
  • broken up by a lovely walk this afternoon, accompanied by Gretchen Rubin and her sister, Liz Craft, on their weekly Happier podcast – my favorite walking companion… and
  • text messages – gazillions –  among my nieces and sister. Dolly’s planning a Christmas craft party for Chris and Elias; invited guests are her mom, sisters, grandmother (my sister); best friend and her three kiddos and me…especially since the party will be here. Dolly’s excited and quiet as it’s kept, so am I!

Yesterday, I visited my local Barnes & Noble store: the doors wide open, an invitation to come in and browse…among a totally new display of books and more books, all brand new, multiple copies of a title, both fiction and non-fiction for all ages. Of course, I walked out with a title or two plus a couple gift items…

There are about 8 rows of stitches on my log cabin to knit and then, join the blocks…I’m thinking I’ll add successive rows around the perimeter in the lighter lavender yarn – I have lots of it…and somehow, also add smaller blocks of the various colors…all makes for good practice. I’m still practicing continental knitting…

This morning, I decided to make coffee – decaf! It was very good and a nice break from my usual, green tea. About 4:30 pm, I realized I had a headache! Green tea to the rescue. I am so grateful for the tea…and it tastes great in my reading mug, too!

Off to join Kat and friends…


11 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 11.7.19 …

  1. My reading list never gets smaller—I find new books I want to read almost every day! Later, I’ll be off to pick up a new novel being held for me in one of the county libraries. And there are so many other things calling my name! Reading Melinda Gates “The Moment of Lift” now–inspiring and infuriating! There’s no way I can keep up with assault on our freedoms by this administration!


  2. I love a trip to the book store – it is the best place I know to just wander and wonder! (Plus, it is almost always a tidy place which for me makes browsing a joy) I love your blanket determination! XO


  3. I have that coffee mug also! I keep holding it up when my husband interrupts me when I’m reading,
    but it doesn’t seem to do any good – LOL!

    Linda in VA


  4. My friend in Philadelphia attended the Happier podcast live event last weekend … can’t wait to hear about it – those two are such a treat together.


  5. Green tea is the best. I start each morning with a cup of decaf green. A trip to the bookstore is always a good idea. Today I am thankful for the means to go to three groceries and restock the kitchen.


  6. A trip to the bookstore! How lovely. It’s been too long for me. Sadly, the last time I was at B&N it was more toys and stuff like that than books!


  7. I have to drive 40 minutes to a B and N and last year it was hit by a tornado (weird for PA). So now it is open again and it is brand newish and seems to have more books displayed than ever.


  8. I have no idea what continental knitting is … and sharing your pleasure in a good browse in a bookshop. Just entering one always makes my spirits lift! Hoping the lavender is working out nicely.


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