unraveled wednesday | 11.20.19 …


Nearly twelve hours ago, 7:00 am, I settled in my favorite spot, the dining table in the Great Room (aka as the kitchen/dining area) and proceeded with MSQT – morning solitude and quiet time. I opened my journal and began to write: I am on a quest to create a new habit by eliminating an old one: writing on whatever’s within reach.” The consequences of my current habit: a myriad of notes on a myriad pieces of paper… My goal is to contain random thoughts and reflections, miscellaneous ideas, to do items, forget-me-nots, brain explosions, and lapses, etc in one-to-two spaces/places …only!

Thus, I have spent the entire day – still at it as I pen this post at 5:50 pm – sifting through a few months’ accumulation of random sheets of papers  and transferring thoughts, quotes, ideas, lists, forget-me-nots, etc onto/into one common journal. All of this against the background of today’s Congressional impeachment inquiry hearing, still in process.

In the above photo, a hat I’m knitting – started last winter – to donate; a delightful book on forest bathing that friend Laura introduced at our beach weekend – I love trees, and that’s a topic for another post – and a pretty cool 3-D birthday card…

My stomach’s beginning to growl and the second hearing’s begun so I shall sign off…joining Kat and friends for this week’s unraveled wednesday.




13 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 11.20.19 …

  1. I have notes in several notebooks (one for knitting, three for books, one for gratitude, one for journaling, a day/book calendar) located around the house where I spend time – my desk, bedside table, a table beside the corner of the loveseat where I sit and knit or read. It is sort of a victory for me to write in these notebooks instead of on scraps of paper. Ah- organization – it is elusive. The hat looks bright and cheery.


  2. I keep just two journals–one with notes from reading and one more personal reflection. I switched to a sketchbook for Michelle GD’s “Get It Down” class, fell behind with a visit to Sarah’s and oral surgery and haven’t sat down to catch up. This is an inspiration. I just need to do what you did today—sit there and catch up! Good for you! Love the colors in the hat.


  3. I, like Karen, have one journal for thoughts, things to remember, my calendar – and an additional small journal in my purse for random thoughts, lists, things I need to remember outside of the house. And, I also love the yarn for your hat!


  4. That is excellent yarn that you are using for your hat and I’m applauding your organization! It’s hard to just sit down and do it, but you have and it must feel great!


  5. Lovely hat! I keep a big notebook as my to-do list. I try to write all my tasks in there the moment I think of them but if I’m in a different area of the house, out of the house…. I text a reminder to myself then write it in the book later. I review the book every morning or night, depending on mood and once a week I do a more thorough review and schedule tasks on my calendar. Works great for me.


  6. I always think it would be great to be on top of all the blogs, but that would mean I’d be an “early commenter” … and I have to say, for the few blogs I follow, the comments are always a gold mine. I applaud your efforts to curtail all the miscellaneous notes! and I LOVE how your blog readers are empathizing, encouraging … and just plain ignoring 🙂 that. I am here for ALL OF IT!!!


  7. my mom had a tiny notebook in her purse with errand lists, sizes of the kids, ideas for gifts etc. I thought she was crazy that she cannot remember that stuff. Here I am, I have a notebook in my purse with ALL of the same stuff!!! Good luck streamlining your notes!


  8. That’s a joyous birthday card – hoping the task of bringing things together has left you feeling lighter, despite the length of time it took … I admire your stamina! Loving the wool in your pretty hat, an autumn-coloured rainbow …


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