sunrise and naked trees…


~today, 29 november, 6:55 am~

I often forget to look out the windows at the front of the house, especially in the morning. When I do, I see a totally different view of sunrise than when I step out on the deck. I happened to glance out the window this morning and saw the sky with its varying shades of pink, blue and a translucent grey/white? I quickly threw a coat on over my robe, exchanged my slippers for shoes and grabbed my iPhone and keys. Out the door I went  – for sunrises change with every passing second.  Click, Click, Click.

I have long had a fascination with naked trees. This photo reminds me of an oil painting I did when I was in high school. I often tell myself I should try my hand at recreating it. In fact, I’ve been thinking about doing a series of naked trees against the sky and sunrises/sunsets for quite a while now. Quite a while… By golly, I think I’m adding doing so to my “20 for 2020” list.* Never too early to start thinking about that.  I also want to thank Bonny for her post today that reminded me of this morning’s sunrise treat.

Have a grand weekend.


*and quiet as it’s kept, there’ll undoubtedly be some carryover from 2019, 2018.

PS. In case you missed this: starting Monday, Michelle GD is hosting Just Five Things – Holiday 2019 edition. It’s probably not to late to register.


9 thoughts on “sunrise and naked trees…

  1. I love that picture! And, the thoughts on bare trees. On my walks, I see the promise of next years leaves on so many trees. It is a lovely reminder that a bit of rest and recovery is necessary to bloom again – in us as in trees!


  2. oh the dark dark bark against the sunrise is lovely. I will see it tomorrow as the barn needs saturday help due to the long weekend. 🙂 I’ll be so glad when Im there. thinking of my dad has been somewhat exhausting. I have to focus and love to focus on the horses


  3. I was thinking about trees on my walk yesterday. When I was teaching, I would have my students observe a tree in the play yard and pay attention to the changes over the year. I have been thinking about doing a similar project for myself. Thanks for the nudge.


  4. What a lovely tree scene … I always think you see a tree best without its leaves, though I still tend to think of it clothed! We have planted white-stemmed birches in our garden and they really are beautiful in the winter. A series from you would be super … I like your 20 in 2020 idea too.


  5. What a lovely photo, Honoré! I love the winter landscape, too. Something about the bare trees and muted colors show us the real beauty of nature. (I know you’ve had a tree-scape on your creative mind for a while … a painting with fabric, too, perhaps?!)


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