sometimes mondays | 12.2.19 …


… are super quiet, primarily because it’s so durn cold out. Despite a 42° F temperature, clouds, 78% humidity and winds NW 10 mph make it feel more like 36° F… I’m glad I had no reason to go out… and I didn’t, not even to my regular Monday quilting meeting.*

I have used most of this cold and quiet day purging paper: old receipts; statements; notes written on any available piece of paper (that was before I began to make a conscious effort to eliminate that bad habit ), etc. And taking time out to reflect on some of the things on this day for which I am grateful:

  • tea this morning in my Scotty dog Christmas mug  – given to me by a friend of many decades, many decades ago;
  • the scent of my morning candle;
  • the luscious color of this week’s bouquet of alstroemeria: a deep red;
  • the warmth of the hearth and the fact that I didn’t need to go out;
  • tackling the looong overdue paper purge job.

This week is shaping up to be quite busy: two concerts, a house tour plus the added activity of preparing for Christmas…and, other than the Scotty dog mug, not a single bit of Christmas has been pulled out of storage.  So, to my list above, I add a big

  • gratitude to Mother Nature. Today’s weather gave me the space to take a deep breath and tackle a project that’s been on the agenda for way too long. I am energized.



* I fell asleep last night watching Hallmark Christmas movies and awoke about 1:20 am – then went to bed!





11 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 12.2.19 …

  1. YAY you for tackling all that paper! I hope y’all didn’t get too clobbered with the snow. It was COLD and WINDY here today … and I had to venture out on multiple errands. But I came back to a warm house and Christmas lights. Here’s to a great week and a warm, bright December!


  2. I agree with Dee (and wish I had not had to come into work – lol). It’s that time of year – I will be tackling paper soon and preparing for tax season (yuck).


  3. Those dark red aalstroemeria are among my favorite grocery store floral purchases. They last forever! We spent the weekend decorating for Christmas so i’m enjoying a couple bright red poinsettias, and one pink and white one. I spent the better part of yesterday sitting by the fire finishing Ann Patchett’s last novel which I enjoyed.


  4. It is always good to get out the favorite Christmas mugs, especially the ones that hold memories. I have been drinking tea from mine this week. Here is to December.


  5. Paper tackling is a great cold day activity. My week started off with a very busy bang and looks to be very full so I am happy the freezing temps have lifted. And I need to fun myself Christmas mug – thanks for the reminder


  6. What great way to start the month – getting rid of things you no longer need … Especially if there’s no good reason for venturing out. Must be lovely to have a sense of accomplishment already, rather than a dollop of panic!


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