sometimes mondays | 12.9.19…


… come around sooner than expected…hmmm, let me see, last Monday, the last day I blogged, I noted the weather was cold and windy; today it is cold, windy and wet! I wondered what the week was to bring; it was busy!

  • I pulled out Christmas stuff and decorated the living room except for the tree. We need a new one… and we need to have a meeting of the minds: I want real. Need I say more?
  • Saturday’s house tour was fun. Most of the 7 houses on the list were owned by young couples, with one or two preschoolers. It’s always interesting to see current trends and how people decorate their homes. Horizontal chandeliers (with 3-5 individual lamps) and beaucoup (5-8 ) pillows on the bed seemed to be the décor of the day.
  • I only attended one concert – yesterday – Handel’s Messiah. Superb!

Today was my quilting group’s annual holiday potluck luncheon; everything was good. Entertainment consisted of our singing two songs about quilting – one sung to Let It Snow and the other, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – and solving the holiday word scramble (pictured above). Have fun!


This photo was taken at one of the houses; of course I couldn’t resist!


9 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 12.9.19…

  1. Im watching Vanna White shatter the glass wheel of fortune ceiling hahahaha. I tried about 7 of the word scrambles. Im enjoying carols more than anything else so far. Well , no I love our trio of lit trees this year. Three different sized trees, with white lights only on them. Outside we have two wreaths, one on the lattice near the hot tub, one on the front door. 🙂 No big plans this week except a barn continuing education talk in the evening about Autism. If we have time fireman and I will stop at the rock shop and see if they can help us i .d the rock I found a week ago. Also we can pick up our amish breadsll They are literally 2 lbs a piece! May meet a fun couple that always makes us laugh later this week.

    I have hats to donate to the library wish tree. The hats were made by my pal Regina. I have thank you’s to write .


  2. The Messiah is always superb! I meant to bring my cds with me to MD, but forgot them, so I’ve been singing bits of it to myself while I did laundry today. Not exactly superb, but still uplifting. Cheers to you, Honore!


  3. Those house tours sound intriguing – here, you only go round people’s houses if you’re intending to buy … Are you thinking of moving? I like your word list – might keep this for when the family is here! There’s a little bit of discord about the tree? Well, at least with a real one you can safely recycle it – you are really just borrowing it from the earth for a few weeks :).


  4. Having two singers in my family (Tom, and our daughter, Erin), I have attended live Messiah concerts (with either or both of them performing) so many times. I love it more every time I hear it! It sounds like you’re having a delightful start to your Christmas season. XO


  5. I love real trees, but we gave it up four years ago when we decided it was too much work to dismantle the Christmas decorations before we left to visit Sarah and her family. We bought a very expensive (to my mind, anyway) artificial tree, but I’ve never regretted the decision. It’s paid for itself now, and when we return in January, it will be waiting for us.


  6. I love word scrambles! I’ve only managed to have a real tree 3 times in my life, and since hubby is in charge of the assembling/acquiring I guess we’ll be going the artificial route for now on!


  7. My favorite thing to sing is Handel’s Messiah! You have inspired me to play the Messiah this morning to sing along with while i finish wrapping! (And, I LOVE that Cheers bucket!)


  8. Handel’s Messiah is always wonderful – and a live performance is even better. Also, I love how all those holiday words have so many vowels … never realized that before. Cheers!!


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