unraveled wednesday|12.11.19…



Earlier today I wrote a draft post; imagine my surprise when I discovered it had been unraveled: MIA; gone; kaput!  Oh well! Be that as it may, I have no tales of unraveled knitting – I’ve not done so over the past week – or reading; I’ve been dipping in a couple books, none have captured my attention nor time. And, as I rewrite, I am still puzzled : where is that post?

Time out: I decided to look on my phone for the errant post; no such luck. So, then I went to my iPad that I’d used to write the draft – and by golly, there it was and now, here t’is:

Today finds me sitting at Panera, having finished lunch and enjoying a cuppa tea. I had an early appointment on our first snowy morning of the season. The sun shines, the first snow – just enough to coat flat surfaces and bring a smile – is gone and the air’s filled with the chill. My meal served both breakfast and lunch meals so I’m satiated. Soon, I’ll pack up and walk to Barnes & Noble, stopping along the way to window shop…my first foray among the holiday shoppers.

Today I completed a very. big. item on my 19 in 2019 list…(and if I could find the list, I might be able to check off other completes)… doing so almost has me ready to turn a somersault – hah! WHO am I kidding? Despite the huge check mark/cross out on my list, my days, since last Wednesday, have been very full and I’ve not knit or sewn a stitch or barely read a word – for the latter, I exaggerate …

It’s 8:43 PM; time for me to wrap up shop this evening and turn my attention to the news being made in Congress. Perhaps I’ll get some knitting done. Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday.



11 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday|12.11.19…

  1. I was hoping to discover what item got crossed off! We had quite a bit of snow as well, but hardly the first. We’ve already had over 20″ this year. Speaking of 19 things for 2019, I thought your idea was so awesome, I appropriated it, but I have no. idea. what was on it. I do know where to look however. I think I’ll find my accomplishments disappointing! Still searching for a OLW for 2020. Usually I at least have a short list by now.


  2. That’s a major achievement to have completed a big project – hoping you have found the list so you can have the pleasure of ticking it off. A morning of cafés and bookstores after a little powdering of snow sounds a lovely way to sashay through a winter’s day … You have the events in Congress today, we have a General Election. Such an uncertain time for many of us.


  3. I am glad you found your post! And, I hope you soon find a book you can settle in with and your making groove returns!

    And, I am dying to know what that big item was!! xo


  4. hummm…. curious minds are still curious about that list item! and so happy you tracked down the missing post. I really only write blog posts on my laptop and thankfully (*knocks on wood*) I haven’t lost a one. and of course I can’t imagine a week without any stitching. surely that’s odd for you, too! Isn’t December fun?!


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