sometimes mondays | 12.16.19…


… are cold, wet – both rain and snow; a great jammies day; and rest and relaxation -especially since I’m plumb tuckered out from yesterday’s Christmas make-n-take tree ornaments’ party with 5 kiddies, 4 boys and 1 girl, ages 7, 5, 3, 2 and 1! This is the back story:


When Dolly was 5 – 33 years ago – I had a similar party for her and three other little girls so their mamas could do a little unencumbered holiday shopping and have a few moments of peace ;-)). My mom was alive then and the two of us had a grand time planning, preparing and playing with the little girls – who also had a grand time making the crafts and being five! One of the crafts they made was a cloth angel (in center of photo) stuffed with cotton and simply tied with package-wrap ribbon. I still have the angel…and Dolly has the memories.

Fast forward to now: Dolly wanted to have a similar party (for Chris, Elias and her very. best friend’s three kids) and asked if I would host it; of course, I said yes and yes, I’d provide the craft experience and supplies. Top of the list: cloth angels.Yesterday was the party. And to that, we (Chris – my niece – and I ) also helped (made) elf ornaments.


The two older boys, Din (7) and Chris (5), made angels and elves with the help of their moms and me… tho’ Din spent a goodly amount of time coloring a picture he drew on newsprint with magic marker crayons. The 3 year old and Elias, 2 years, played, mais oui, and the littlest, the girl who just had her first birthday Nov 16, mostly sat on her dad’s lap. The two moms, nieces Chris and Kayla and I were run ragged by the two younger boys; that Elias is a mover and strong. Norman, my sister and the best.friend’s husband solved all the world’s problems…


All good things come to an end as did this day. Time for the kiddies to go home for bed and the adults, to collapse. I’m sure we all will remember the day with fond memories and who knows, maybe the little girl will recreate the day when she’s all grown with children or grands, too.

… are a great day for memories.


10 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 12.16.19…

  1. What a lovely tradition! I’m betting that your original party with four girls might have been a bit calmer than this one with four boys and a girl of varying ages. You are an angel and deserve a rest!


  2. What fun! My kids made those angels in kindergarten I think! (I still have them tucked away!) I hope your weather evens out – it would be nice if it did just one thing, not all the weather, every day! lol


  3. What wonderful memories you created for these kiddos. Those angels and elves will be part of Christmas celebrations for years to come. I would say you earned a day of rest.


  4. What a fun day and what a great tradition! You are an angel and you do deserve some rest (and maybe champagne??). It is another cold and wet day out there – stay warm and dry!!


  5. What a lovely and fun person you are in these young ones’ lives! I am sure they will have warm and happy memories of the day with you. I love the design of your little angels – very clever. I must remember this for the years ahead :). I hope you had a very well-deserved rest, preferably with a little treat!


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