my one little word | 1/2020 …

My 2020 word, habit, continues from 2019. I decided to stick with it for several reasons, most pointedly ’cause I gave the word short shrift most of the year. Closer to year’s end did I begin to think and deliberately, seriously live with the word and all its facets and connotations.

Sitting on my stand-up/sit-down computer desk, is a plaque that reminds/invites me to Make Today Amazing. I’m of the opinion that I not only can do that but am also the only one who can! Most times, my daily plus +/ delta* Δ ) action list has more right forward >>> arrows, I’ll do them tomorrow, or perhaps never? … shhh… next to items that I didn’t get around to let alone complete. *Greek symbol for change

This month, I’ve:

1- been gathering into one central place, my habit tools and resources:

  • journal, planners & notebooks
  • books on the subject
  • signage & words
  • quotes, sayings, etc., and

2- looking at my life ( activity, actions, schedule, and druthers and especially those habits that I think (know!) do not serve my better intentions) and making small changes/improvements.

My plan for this year of focusing on and living with my word habit is to achieve much better outcomes.

What is your 2020 word and plan? Please share and join us in the linkup… and if for some strange reason the linkup doesn’t work, please share the link in this post’s comments.


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19 thoughts on “my one little word | 1/2020 …

  1. I think it’s brilliant that you are sticking with your word until you feel ready to let it go. My word for 2020 is open and I’m considering it often and trying in particular to stay open to new ideas and opportunities.


  2. I think it’s a wise choice to stick with habit to really develop it, and a smart choice to look at your life and begin to make small changes.


  3. Oh gosh! I completely forgot about checking in today with my OLW…and already wrote and published a different post. oh well…next time. My word is Nourish (and perhaps I need to nourish my brain more so I can remember things – lol).


  4. I think it’s wonderful that you’ve decided to stick with your word from 2019 because you weren’t done with it, and the planning and organization you’ve done sound like they will help you to explore your word even more in the year to come. When you think about it, picking a new word each year is really an arbitrary thing; the one little word exercise is really all about finding a mindset that speaks to you and helps you to focus your life.

    I can’t get my link-up to work (it says the link-up party has ended?), but here’s a link to my first post about my word, savor:


  5. You sound very well prepared and focused at this point – a daily reminder is a great idea. Gathering things together and preparing is important. I always remember the French idiom which I associate mentally with doing the long jump: “reculer pour mieux sauter” (take a step back in order to jump better). Wishing you every success!


  6. I’m betting this monthly link-up will be better motivation for doing some assessment than taking Ali’s class last year. The link-up says the party has ended, but mine is here:


  7. Oh habit. Intention. Trying a new habit. creatures of habit! What a huge word that has so many connotations. How fun it will be to watch you Honore. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit doing something every day. I used to rely o n that during the transition for my kids from summer to school. Im thinking of some habits of mine: Well, my animals, the cats, are creatures of great habit. They really don’t like change. Their need for routine is calming to me when my world is reeling. They are there…in their spots, different spots all day. They are there asking to sit as close as they can to me without being on me. So the natural/nature world is full of habits that help me

    My word for the year is CHOICES. No more surprises for the family . They get choices.


  8. Sarah and I have the same word…Savor! I love that you went with the instinct to repeat last year’s word. I felt that urge with two of my words over the years, and I have to admit I still kinda miss them!
    I introduced my one word here:
    and reflected on January here:
    Thank you for hosting! I was a latecomer :)I hope to catch you earlier next time!


  9. Mine is connect [re-connect] with several aspects of life. I haven’t don’t a blog post, so I don’t know if I’ll re-connect with it or not. I have been journaling to get the ideas going. Love that you are hosting and maybe I’ll be more on the ball next month!


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