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today marked the resumption of the winter session of Journal Club; we’ve been on break since before Christmas and Fridays are just not the same when we don’t meet. each 10 weeks’ session we choose an animal spirit guide; this session’s guide  is turtle.  since I’m  a novice in this arena, I always have to look up the symbolism/meaning.  I think this is possibly a good mascot for my 2020 word habit. time will tell.


wednesday afternoon, i went to see just mercy, the movie. if you participated in the Read with Us online book discussion, i think you’ll find the movie, as the book, riveting and difficult (emotionally) to watch. i found the movie well done and agree with this Washington Post’s movie critic review.

tomorrow brings

  • february…
  • LOAD 220, 29 days of making a scrapbook layout a day…
  • Porgy and Bess, the Metropolitan Opera’s performance, simulcast in HD around the world. i will be watching at a local movie theater; we truly have the best seats in the house.

have a great weekend.


10 thoughts on “currently | 1.31.20 …

  1. Admiring your energy for a layout a day! I might have been tempted to join you, but we have family committrments which will make it impossible this month – but I am very much looking forward to seeing your pages and hearing how it goes. Lovely winter sky with a promise of Spring.


  2. Like Alexa, I envy your energy to create a scrapbook page a day, I did it a couple of times, and it was very rewarding, but difficult to stay current! Typing this made me think that making a card-a-day would be a very good project for February. Since I need 20 birthday cards by mid-April (and we’ll be away for almost all of March) I need to get a move on!


  3. I am on the same page (hah!) as Alexa and Karen about the LAD … I do love following along with you, though. ENJOY Porgy & Bess – so excited to be seeing it next week!!


  4. Maybe a journal club is what I need to get me back into it! I used to keep a journal regularly as a teen and into my early 20s, but as life got busier, I got out of the habit. I started a new one on January 1, and I am sorry to say that despite my best intentions I have not written in it since!

    Now I am off to read the movie review you linked!


  5. I’m always intrigued with your Journal Club! I’m a lifelong journaler, but I’ve never been part of a group. I think it sounds very interesting. XO


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