weekending into monday |2.3.20…


In 1985, my mother and I went to the Metropolitan Opera in New York City to see The Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess.  On Saturday, I saw the current  performance with a friend, my niece and my sister, in a local movie house, at the Metropolitan’s Opera Live in HD series. Before the opera began, I managed to knit about 3 stitches on the 9 Patch Log Cabin. During the  Super Bowl I finished one block and started  another!


The performance did not disappoint! The Met Live in HD is about as close to being there as can be! If you’re an opera fan, this is the next best thing.


Today we were greeted with a preview of Spring. Not warm enough – at least for me – to go coatless or short sleeved but certainly a breath of fresh air. Blue skies were made a study by all the jet contrails. I took this picture at the church where our quilting group meets – it’s quite close to BWI Airport and there was a lot of  air traffic at 10:30 am.

And now I’ve got to get to work on today’s LOAD (Layout a Day); this session’s theme is Magic, inspired by Harry Potter books (which I’ve never read – but maybe I should ’cause I’m currently fresh outta inspiration) … I have til 12 PM Pacific Standard Time to get something posted…


12 thoughts on “weekending into monday |2.3.20…

  1. The first Harry Potter was wonderful! I read it twice the year it was published—once for myself, and then to my fifth grade class who had never heard of it! That didn’t last long. As the series progressed, it got darker and darker. My daughter (and I think my husband) have read them all. I saw Porgy and Bess as a teenager. I’m not an opera fan, but I remember loving it.


  2. I’m amazed that you’ve made it this far without reading Harry Potter! I enjoyed them, but they also came out when I was still relatively young. They’re good fun.

    Love seeing that blue sky!


  3. I love your Porgy and Bess then and now share! I wish I knew more about classic music, especially since reading about the influence of politics and music in a book I recently finished. No opera music, but so much music I feel that I should know something about!


  4. We had a tiny taste of spring yesterday, too! (50 degrees. . . ) My dogs were ecstatic!!! We’re fortunate to have Opera Grand Rapids nearby — so we can see actual opera a couple of times each year. My daughter is a trained, classical singer — and she LOVES opera. When she was in high school, we gave her a season subscription to the opera every year. Such a treat.


  5. I’ve never been to the opera but you have me considering going to a movie theater to see it – there’s one near us that shows them. I’m envious that you have never read Harry Potter and get to experience it all fresh and without having to wait for the next book to be published. Go for it!


  6. oh my, Honoré, Porgy & Bess was amazing. Definitely one of the best performances we’ve seen. I did get a little more knitting done than you 😉 …. and I highly recommend Harry Potter.


  7. What a lovely sky … and a lot of vapour trails! Hoping you enjoy Harry Potter – not the deepest of thought, but interesting and imaginative. I’m not an opera fan, alas, but rejoice when others get to see something amazing :).


  8. I’m a huge Potter fan. I recommend the audio version…truly magical. Brin and I began when she was a tween reading them aloud to each other. And we finished the series that way even once she was a YA!
    I LOVE those colors!
    Never tried the Met in theatre, saw a preview for P&B, I’ve never seen it. Intrigued to try this experience.
    That SKY!


  9. I enjoyed Porgy and Bess as well. I love the drama that goes along with opera performances. Hoping to see Agrippina next go around.


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