unraveled wednesday | 2.5.20…


Yesterday was Alexa’s* day to attend to some household chores. She did pretty well with ticking off tasks but ended the day with a few leftovers, so this morning after MSQT, she:

  • rolled up her sleeves, cleaned the frig …
  • washed salad greens for this evening’s dinner…
  • made out the grocery list, tho’ she’s not sure when she’s going to shop or perhaps try home delivery again?


Knitting and reading thus far this week have been catch as catch can, especially with the addition of LOAD 220. She’s starting a new block – the yellow on the needle. And right after she (Alexa) publishes this post, she’s going to make/finish** the second quilt tree block for Australia.

Joining Kat and friends for unraveled wednesday!


*this is just a spoof on the Amazon echo home device.

**and well, she ran into a little problem with photos not downloading so she just spent  an hour+ on the phone with Apple Support!

11 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 2.5.20…

  1. I am chuckling at your Alexa spoof (although, we call her Echo here, lol) And boo about your photo issue and your time spent with Apple support… ugh!


  2. Ha! We got a dot for Christmas and have to watch what we say around her – wink, wink! Tell me more about LOAD220. Not sure why but I am itching to scrapbook.


  3. We don’t have an Alexa or any similar device (my SO works in IT and is adamantly against them), but if I could get one to take care of cooking and cleaning, I might be convinced!


  4. When Alexa can finally do some real chores (clean the frig, make a grocery list, and go to the store) I will be ordering her from Amazon with one-day delivery!


  5. That Alexa is earning her keep! If only . . . I hate it when technology doesn’t cooperate. Hopefully all is going more smoothly these days.
    P. S. I’d snatch that knitting away from Alexa and take credit for it yourself! The colors look great together.


  6. As a proper human Alexa myself (and right royally tee’d off that my name was chosen for a virtual assistant), I am cheering your progress on the household stuff, as well as fitting in your creative activities :). Make sure you keep favouring the latter!


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