thursday 3|2. 27. 20 …

1 – I am reading a delightful book on clouds… and learning sooo much. Fascinating! Today’s very windy, cloudy morning is an added bonus. As is oft said “ the sky’s a study “ and for sure, today it is! I awoke to stratocumulus* clouds, fueled by winds, moving rapidly, tinged with pink colored by the sun’s rays . (*today’s new word ;-))

2 – I have a new iPhone XR. It’s different and learning how to turn it on, swipe whichever way to get to apps, etc is somewhat of a challenge. I had my former phone, a 6+ for 5-6 years with the push button. Habits are hard to make…and to break.

3 – I share a little unraveled wednesday, too. Block #12 is slowly coming along…I pick it up most times when watching the news or am joining Thursday Stitching friends ~ today, I won’t be. The color of the block in progress is a light blue…almost looks gray in the photo.

Such is the way it is on this last February Thursday. Today we’re getting a preview of March’s winds. Linking up with Carole and friends.


15 thoughts on “thursday 3|2. 27. 20 …

  1. Oh, Honore, thank you for that cloud book! I also enjoy clouds, but can’t usually identify them very well beyond cumulus or cirrus. I had no idea there was a Cloud Appreciation Society or such a wonderful book!


  2. Cloud Appreciation Society? Brilliant. Going to check out this book and share it with my daughter, who consumes all things Weather! Thanks!


  3. Well now I know why Bonny added that book to her want to read list on Goodreads! When I was a little kid, I was intensely afraid of thunderstorms (well, specifically, being caught outside in a thunderstorm), so my parents got me a book that explained all sorts of interesting things about clouds and what happens in a storm and so forth. I’m sure I’ve forgotten most of the cloud names by now!


  4. What a great looking book! Every time I want to write about the sky in my journal I have to google clouds to see if I have the right name and then before I know it I’m sliding down the Google rabbit hole. This book would be much better. I got a new iphone Xr in January and you are so right – it’s a learning curve.


  5. I love the idea of that cloud book! I switched iPhones a while ago and I will tell you that you will get used to swiping instead of pushing a button very quickly.


  6. clouds!! I’ve always been fascinated … and tempted to tackle a 365 project that incorporates the skies… (yay you on the phone! Marc got rid of his button last fall and I’m planning to get rid of mine this year 😉


  7. I did a week of watercolor skies for a journaling class last summer which enhanced my observations of the skies. And I’ve seen some wonderful collages of sky photographs which might be a fun project. I got an iPhone XS last year, and now when I try to use Tracy’s with a button I can barely manage! You’ll master it soon.


  8. I made the iPhone switch last year, and it was awkward at first . . . without that button . . . but I’m betting it won’t take you long to be comfortable with it. LOVE the cloud book! XO


  9. A book about clouds-who knew?! My work phone is a “X” and between learning it and keeping my personal 6 has been quite the challenge


  10. That mug is a perfect addition to your photo this morning – ah, yes, my DH introduced me to the cloud book and we really enjoy it. Lying on my back watching clouds is one of my most favourite things to do. I’m not envying you the learning curve on your iphone. I dread having to change mine, but probably will at some point as it keeps running out of memory with every upgarde of the iOS.


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