ensconced …

Looking back on the week, I think it’s been a good one, despite*the current state of my well-being:

• Monday: I attended weekly quilt group meeting followed by my fave lunch at Nordstrom

• Tuesday: @ home day, tackling and completing my least fave activity: tallying monthly expenses…

• Wednesday: a hint of spring in the air and the invitation to take a longer than usual walk. My walking companion: more of  Anne Patchett’s Dutch House. I am so enjoying this book; Tom Hanks’ narration is perfect!  Wednesday evening I started feeling punk…

• Thursday: I missed joining my stitching group, opting to stay home and take care of me. Wise move…which brings me to today …

• *Friday/Today:  I’m sitting in bed, surrounded by books, journals, planner, a magazine and my iToys, er uh, tools. Not too far away, a glass of water, my tea mug with tea half cooled; issues and a packet of DayQuil/NightQuil acetaminophen capsules. Yucky! Yep, I have been stopped in my tracks – I have a cold! Despite both flu and pneumonia vaccines. I tell myself “this too shall pass” and I certainly hope such is the case, soon! Of course, against the backdrop of novel COVID19, this malady takes on a larger magnitude, as cases here in the US spread and increase in numbers. My cold began late Wednesday evening and seems to be running the usual course. I certainly hope that is the case. 

My appetite is intact; that’s a good sign and an invitation to feed me some breakfast .

Have a great weekend.


17 thoughts on “ensconced …

  1. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well and I hope you are back to your regular self and routines super fast!


  2. Ahhhh, healthy vibes winging your way. Mr Jeff has been down and out for three days, the rest of the Fam remain standing, fingers crossed. Here’s to a healthy you ❤


  3. Hope you’re feeling better soon! I had a bout with a stomach bug last month which cost me two days. No fun, at all.


  4. I hope it’s just a run-of-the-mill common cold and you feel better very soon! I think you’re very wise to stay home and rest up. Now is the time to treat yourself to lots of reading and crafting without guilt!


  5. I hope you are feeling better soon. Sounds like you are ensconced in the right place. I find a cup of hot tea and a nap is good medicine. Take care.


  6. Oh gosh, that sounds a bit miserable :(. Hoping that the rest and some gentle self-care will see you through. Glad you’re still up to eating, and I am hoping that Norman is keeping you well supplied with lots of tasty and dainty morsels. Get well soon, Honoré!


  7. Hopefully by now you are feeling all better and the nasty bug is just a bad memory! The day in bed (minus the illness part) sounds glorious!


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