sometimes mondays | 1.13.20 …

…  are a return to quilting

… This dynamic quilt is anther area quilt group’s 2020 Raffle Quilt, brought to our quilt meeting for display and to sell tickets: – 6 chances for $5. Yep, I bought a few chances…

… Every two years, we have our three-days’ quilt show; this is the beginning of our 2021 Raffle Quilt. We, the members, stitch the blocks and then a committee assembles all into one quilt. I have two blocks to assemble and stitch ….

… My quilt  group’s current president made this Baltimore Album Quilt for her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. The little quilted book  in the middle row, center block, includes their wedding day photo. Her parents are now deceased but she said the quilt was on their bed for years. She hand quilted the white background.

… Lunch at Nordstrom:

Today’s special: Winter Salad, a mix of organic baby greens, kale, all natural blackened chicken, roasted sweet potato, salted pecans, goat cheese and white balsamic honey plus a cup of Roma Tomato Basil soup and a Rustic cheddar chive biscuit. Yummy! The best part: doggie bag for later!



… Post Script:

Monday’s blog post: published Tuesday.  I had drafted this post during lunch and planned to publish when I got home. On my way home, I stopped at an art shop and turned on my phone (no text messages while I’m driving) to find a flurry of  35 text messages from my sister and nieces: My sister was in the hospital – flu? Turns out no – a kidney stone. Passed. Thankfully. She’s home and maybe a little worse for the wear but doing well! Whew!

13 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 1.13.20 …

  1. Those quilts are amazingly beautiful, thank you for brightening my day with them. Your lunch looks delicious, I just recently saw a recipe for a winter salad with similar ingredients. And I’m so glad your sister is okay!


  2. Every one of those quilts is beautiful, and I thank you for sharing. The colors, details, stories — quilts hold so much! Your lunch looks quite delicious. It seems like every time I turn off my phone some emergency happens. I hope your sister is feeling much better very soon!


  3. So scary to get text messages like that. Glad your sister is on the mend and hope she heals quickly! The quilts are amazing Honore! so beautiful and what handiwork – tiny stitches. Can’t believe that Baltimore Album quilt was quilted by hand – a labor of love! Your lunch looks so scrumptious. Not sure I would have had a doggie bag though – lol.


  4. First – I’m so glad all is well with your sister – what a scare! and now … you know how much I love seeing quilts on your blog and these three are real bright spots in an otherwise gray, wet, and dreary Tuesday!


  5. Oh my, I am so glad your sister is on the mend and that it was nothing worse (although, kidney stones are really no fun!)

    These quilts – stunning! I love how dramatic the colors look against the grey background! And, the Album quilt… wow!


  6. I love the bright colors against the gray background of the quilt. And the quilting itself is exquisite! Glad to hear your sister is doing well. My understanding is that kidney stones are exceptionally painful!


  7. I am glad you sister is home and on the mend. Kidney stones can be so painful. The quilts are bright and beautiful. I can see why you bought a few chances. Good luck.


  8. OH Sister !! Is this the grandma of our miracle baby? AL told me the first baby born to a woman with a uterine transplant happened last week! Healthy baby in Pennsylvania! Once delivered, the uterus is removed and discarded. They don’t want the recipient on anti rejection drugs. Once and done!


  9. Oh goodness-kidney stones not fun at all and glad she is on the mend. I love love these quilts and your blocks are beautiful. One day I want to make a Baltimore Album Quilt, I think they are so beautiful, and she hand quilted it-just WOW! I have a friend who hand quilted her quilts for decades, and is not doing spectacular work with the free motion on her standard machine. So many talented quilters out there!


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