homebound …

It’s been not quite 14 days since I’ve been out of the house save for :

  • a one trip to the grocery store …
  • two trips to the drugstore …
  • nearly daily walks for fresh air and my sanity…

I gotta cold right before the #$%* hit the fan (as they say in the old country) …and no, I’ve not been sick with Covid-19 – no fever, thankfully. But I have been careful about my meanderings, even foregoing a walk to my local coffee shop and the library – the latter which is now closed. My Thursday stitching group decided to postpone our weekly gatherings until the all clear sounds; our quilting and knitting groups have cancelled meetings, in line with the cessation of group meetings, events, etc, ordered by local governmental officials. Each hour seemingly produces more closings and advice of precautionary, prudent steps that we are required to take. We’re in for the long haul.

On my walk today, I listened to Gretchen Rubin’s special Happier podcast on coping with Covid-19. If you’ve not listened, I invite you to do so. In Gretchen’s inimitable way, she – and her sister Liz – offer not only reasonable but very doable things we can do to cope with this very different way of life. You can hear this 35 minutes’ podcast here.

I for one am not at all concerned about not having anything to do, a lament I recall saying to my mother when I was a child. Her retort: Nonsense! Then she ticked off any number of things I could and did do to amuse myself. These days, starting with hitting publish on this post, I have more than enough to choose and tackle from my list of many things to do. Next on my list: weed a few files. What are you doing to while away the time in this very different time?

I have confidence as this season in our life moves on, we’ll adjust and cope successfully. Carry on!


15 thoughts on “homebound …

  1. I think online (keep your distance) meetings are perfect right now! As do solo walks and early morning quiet solitude/journaling time!


  2. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better! And I have the same mindset as you – I am never bored! And now with my little ones at home, I will definitely NOT BE BORED!!


  3. Those daily walks for your sanity must feel so extra good right now! My daughter and I got out for a bit on Sunday when it was beautiful outside, and that sunshine felt so good. I’m keeping busy with work at home right now, but my kid is claiming to be bored — even though she has so much she can be doing! We’re trying to come up with a list of things for her to do every day.


  4. When the library announced it was closing on Friday they also said they were extending all current loans through April 30 so I really should be reading those books. We had our first day of delivering school online and it went really well so maybe now that part of life will settle down. Also on my list is to reboot my journaling practices. So happy you just had a cold and maybe by staying in, you avoided being exposed to something worse!


  5. We’re committed to walking every day that the weather allows. It’s a source of sanity, for sure. Yesterday we walked with my son and granddaughters which was truly wonderful! My Lenten study group “met” this morning via Google conferencing, and our church live-streamed a service on Sunday with just the ministers, organist, and the ASL signer present in the sanctuary. I have plenty to tackle here at home, but appreciate the opportunities to connect with others.


  6. Thank you for your practicality. I’m not worried about running out of things to do, either, and I’m grateful for that!


  7. I am SO GLAD you’re home-bound … and finding plenty to do! My mom has moved in with my sister and I’m so very grateful that neither of them is living alone during this time. Honestly, if I didn’t have Marc around I might not be nearly so calm, cool and collected (ha!) about all this!


  8. Very relieved to read that you are on your feet again, and able to enjoy those beautiful magnolia flowers – your two photos speak volumes. Hoping you can enjoy your resting time, knowing that everything else is quieting down too around you (apart from all of us popping in to say ‘hi’ of course!). More power to your creative elbow in the weeks to come.


  9. I am glad you are feeling better. Very pretty magnolia petals and flowers. Enjoy this time – as unsettling as it is. Like you I am never bored at home. Lots of projects to work on. Maybe I’ll even finish the handmade book projects (2) that have been languishing on my craft table for over a month.


  10. I’m not worried about running out of things to do either, Honoré! I’m feeling a bit scattered at present . . . but eventually I’ll just dig in to some of the bigger projects on my list. I’m so glad you’re feeling better and taking good care of yourself! I’m so grateful for this blogging community. XO


  11. I’ve been knitting, of course. Then there was a heavy-duty spring cleaning in anticipation of the house painters coming soon. I’m not bored, for sure, BUT I sure do miss having the freedom to come and go as I please. I do miss that.

    I, too, had a very nasty cold a few weeks ago and I have a lingering runny nose/cough that may be leftover cold symptoms or *could* be a side effect of my blood pressure medicine. I’m sure people think I’m the 2020’s version of Typhoid Mary.

    Stay safe and healthy and give my regards to Norman.


  12. Glad you are feeling better Honore. Hope those feelings continue. This is such a surreal time, non? It is one thing to crave time at home…quite another thing to be told you should not leave home. Take care and I hope you and Norman are doing well (not going crazy). Stay safe & healthy!!!


  13. Stay safe out there. Yea, I didn’t utter those “I’m bored” words at my house. I have plenty to keep me occupied and thanks to curb service I have a wells stocked wine cellar! I’m eternally grateful that I don’t have to worry about a paycheck and can work from home. My son, who is up your way, had some stressful days due to Amtrak having to make adjustments due to significant reduction in revenue. Looks like he can stay put for now, but of course, I’d always welcome the opportunity for him to be back home. Taking care of those around us is more important now more than ever-have a lovely weekend.


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