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Welcome spring! Technically, Spring arrived 11:50 PM ESDST last night! I do believe that my allergy to Spring – pollens from trees, grasses – has also extended my homebound stint.

Thankful for modern Technology: Today I was online for two hour-long Zoom sessions: First, I joined the Modern Mrs Darcy Book Club and the discussion title du jour: Anne Bogel’s own new book: Don’t Overthink It. Anne, if you are unfamiliar with her, is the book club’s founder and host of the popular weekly podcast: What Should I Read Next ? Right on the heels of MMDBC, I joined my weekly Journal Club group; we have two sessions left and then a break til June.

In addition, my Thursday stitching group, in the interest of our health and welfare, chose to meet via Text rather than gather during these days of social distancing. So, all day, my phone/computer have been dinging, between them, family and friends…

Grateful: My email IN box ( I suspect yours too) has been filled by businesses, organizations, agencies, authors, artists, groups etc, offering opportunities for ways to stay involved and occupied. I find the smorgasbord of offerings for children especially inviting. Clearly, if one is online, there are many ways to stay connected in addition to becoming a couch-potato…

Inspired : Ten years ago, we were ending two back-to-back blizzards: unimaginable snowfall totals were racked up and down the eastern seaboard. This year, if we’ve had .5 of an inch of snow there’s a trick to it!. Both my photo repositories have sent me a message about those memories, today.

Fun: Dolly shared this text message:

Tomorrow is Dolly’s birthday. I’m sure the little boys will love singing Happy Birthday to Mommy as we all have for 34 years and counting. Have a grand day Dolly! Here’s to many more!


13 thoughts on “tgif: 3.20.20 …

  1. Dolly is so right! (I was relaying that very ant-story to my daughter earlier today!) It really does help the to have virtual connections these days, doesn’t it? I don’t feel so isolated . . . because of those “pings” on my phone! Stay well, Honoré. XO


  2. When my mom passed back in 2000, my sister and I were left to clean out her house. She was very tidy, but she had a virtual Fort Knox of toilet paper. That doesn’t seem so crazy now.


  3. I am grateful during this time of the technology that while we can’t be with our friends and loved one’s we can still connect with them. I am also very very grateful that I can still get out and go for a walk and enjoy the fresh hair. Stay health my friend.


  4. Dale teases me about how often my phone (and iPad and apple watch and laptop) ping! But it’s good to connect with coworkers and friends in this weird time of isolation.


  5. I honestly don’t know how we’d all get through this without technology! I know not everyone can work from home, but many people now can, and that’s helping a lot financially. And we are really taking this seriously, so we’re staying away from our family members as well, so regular FaceTime calls are great to keep us connected.

    Happy birthday to Dolly!


  6. Happy Birthday to Dolly! I’m also grateful for technology that allows me to stay connected, and I’m also grateful for those beautiful yellow iris in front of your amazing quilt!


  7. Happy Birthday to Dolly. How sweet to imagine those little voices singing to her. Thank goodness for all the technology. I have had more texts this last week than in the last month. It’s nice to remember we can all look out for each other. Stay well.


  8. Such a bright and pretty photo with your beautiful quilt in the background – always gladdens my heart to see your needlework :). Hoping Dolly has a very happy Birthday, and yeay for technology that lets us all ‘chat’ to each other during these straightened times. Hoping that the arrival of Spring will not make you suffer too much (my grandson has an allergy to birch pollen which makes him feel miserable at times). Warm good wishes …


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