staying connected …

IMG_0201 Another day @home, Monday, made ever gentle by a spring rain. Sunday was warm, sunny and inviting: I took a walk through the park, enjoying the cherry blossoms and watching the children playing; other walkers were out too. IMG_0204

clearly my screen time has jumped!

My stitching friends and I have been meeting via FaceTime and also doing a lot of texting… some of us are making face masks for health care workers, sharing resources and our “makes” via photo. Almost a “stitch in” taking place… IMG_0206

Five year old Chris has his own iPod so he’s been joining in our family texts and holding his own. He reads quite readily though I’m not sure how the actual texting is accomplished.  Some, I believe he types and the other, perhaps tells his mom who types  We celebrated Dolly’s birthday via FaceTime – what fun. Elias totally enjoyed the cake…yum, yum. We didn’t have that same experience …sadly, tech hasn’t figured that out, yet.

Simple – my scrapbooking community with members from around the globe – meets via Zoom several times a week, just to chat and document our memories… Clearly “social distancing” is a top topic for each of us. Our sessions are sometimes “formal” and sometimes very informal, just a gathering.


Patti Callahan, author on Zoom MMD Book Tour

Earlier this month,  I joined author Anne Bogel’s Modern Mrs Darcy’s Book Cub; this past Friday, I attended the book discussion of Anne’s newly released title:  Don’t Overthink It. Scheduled to go on a book tour, cancelled because of the virus, Anne decided to do a “stay-at-home” online book tour this week, also on Zoom. Each day this week, Mon-Fri, an author will be the guest. Monday was the first session and featured Patti Callahan, author of the historical novel, Becoming Mrs.Lewis . Originally published in 2018, the book is being released in paperback. The author shared her very interesting experiences writing the book; I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation, look behind the scenes and have added the title to my TBR list. FaceTime; Skype; Txt; Zoom, and of course, blogging! All are really great ways to stay connected, share ideas, information, inspiration … I see the time is past 2 PM, the day is moving on and I guess I should too… I still have a few items on my daily to do/be list and time marches on. How are you spending your days these days? Cheers~

12 thoughts on “staying connected …

  1. It sounds like you are definitely staying connected, in so many ways! The cherry blossoms are beautiful, Chris is adorable, and I’m sorry that technology has not figured out a way to make sharing virtual cake tasty and satisfying. I’ve spent my days catching up on things I should have been doing – laundry, ironing, vacuuming, doing taxes, etc. I’ve also been baking as that is rewarding, but I’m also going to have to make sure I keep walking. Take care and stay well!


  2. We’re doing a pretty good job of staying connected with family and friends. My Lenten Study Group meets once a week, our Thursday discussion group meets online, and we regularly “talk” with our grandchildren–even those just a mile away. As I type this, Tracy is “meeting” with his men’s book group via Skype. I, too, watched the online book tour and adding “Becoming Mrs. Lewis” to my TBR list. Stay safe!!!


  3. Steve and I took a long walk through the neighborhood today. Chatted (at a distance) with a man who owns the original home in this area. He was a wealth of historical information Turns out our property sits on the original land grant to William Penn. How cool is THAT!


  4. I truly cannot imagine how this time would be without those online connections. My sister joined MMD yesterday and I look forward to catching up with the recording at some point. In spite of having ALL this time at home, I find I don’t really have ALL that much time 😉


  5. Connections are so important. For the first time, Al facetimed us with Will tonight. IT was awesome. We have been very busy as the weather is getting nicer and we are determine to finish the woods work before the Ticks and their awfulness come out in force. Chris is adorable


  6. What a joy to see Chris’s smiling face! I’m so glad we’re all able to stay connected with people we love during these … very weird times. Stay well, Honoré!


  7. Chris’s smiling face is good for what ails one! Thank you for sharing that little treat! (and I am likewise thankful for technology!) Stay well!


  8. Chris and his phone skills are amazing! So nice you are connected. I will be trying a new Zoom meeting with my real life knitting group, we are going to try it out. It’s better than nothing. I think our animals are now used to us being home so much. At first there was suspicion all around.


  9. Isn’t Zoom great for connecting. I’m totally loving it for staying connected to family and friends. Stay healthy and safe my friend.


  10. We’ve also been taking walks and doing FaceTime with our girls – pretty connected! I’m also making face masks, but with daughter Becca and sister Deanna both in the medical field and on the front lines, everything I’m making is already spoken for!


  11. Your days sound very full of enjoyable and creative connections – that’s super that Chris has been able to join in and be part of it all. We’re keeping in touch with family through texts and FaceTime, and enjoying hearing how they’re managing their home schooling.


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