unraveled wednesday|3.25.20…

According to “our”horoscopes, we’re in this for the long haul…  (My niece shared the above graphic and I couldn’t find a source.)  Joining Kat and friends for this week’s unraveled wednesday.

A couple weeks ago, I visited my knitting stash of unfinished projects and found an afghan I started a few years ago that I’d forgotten …so, I pulled it out and have added it to the TBF (to be finished) queue. I also decided to make the LogCabin/9Block piece bigger…so, it looks as tho’ I’m continuing with it a bit longer too…
I finished* a book on decluttering (for an online group discussion); the book didn’t “ring my bell” so I *skipped a lot. Most mornings I read Ryan Holiday’s Daily Stoic essays and respond in the companion journal that invites readers to reflect on the essay. I find it absolutely uncanny how the essays are spot on for today’s events. For example, today we’re invited to respond to this question/essay: “Would I feel wealthier if I decreased my wants?” In response to the essay “ Wealth and Freedom are Free” based on Epictetus’ Discourses, 4.1.175: “ …freedom isn’t secured by filling up on your heart’s desire but by removing your desire.” Oh how true! Could FOMO be operative?


10 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday|3.25.20…

  1. Such beautiful knitting. I love the simplicity and yet the complexity all in one … I have Ryan Holiday’s and Stephen Hanselman’s 366 Meditiations on Wisdom, Perseverance and The Art of Living, and some of them are definitely striking a chord!


  2. Beautiful knitting!! But I love what you shared about the Daily Stoic… and yes! I think we all would! Thank you for sharing! (and I have banned FOMO from my life… it was truly the most liberating thing of all!)


  3. Ha-love the horoscope! I’ve been thinking lately as I try to be more conservative of my resources if I indeed would be wealthier if I decreased my wants in so many ways. I told my husband that I think with stores reducing hours that maybe it’s good for our 24/7 world to not be instantly gratified. I know there are some good things with 24/7, don’t get me wrong, but it seems like we want to get what we want in mere seconds.


  4. whoa, I had no idea “past you” was such a knitter! that afghan in progress is beautiful! Have you been watching Gretchen and Liz on IG Live each afternoon? I actually watched live today and they really got me thinking about how I’m spending my “coronadays” AND how differently I might spend my days after all this … good stuff!


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