sometimes mondays | 3.30.20 …


(just days ago, this tree was white flowers)

My DayONE journal prompt for today asks: What’s the oldest thing you own that you still use daily?  My answer: My brain! At least, most times, tho’ some days I wonder.

I also have, being more practical, several pair of flannel PJs that I’d like to nominate. However, they are pretty much worn to a frizzle frazzle. I hate to part with them, despite that they are thread-bare, mainly ‘cause they’re decorated with Scotty dogs… but, I will have to succumb and use the flannel pieces in a scrappy quilt perhaps or better yet: add to my memory keeping album. Yeah! That’s a great idea!

Interesting, yesterday’s Simple Abundance read focused on “Comfort Clothes and What They Mean.” Sarah shares that she has “a beloved pair of paisley cotton knit PJs that she would wear 24/7 if I could only figure out how to get away with it…”  I can relate tho’ I hasten to add that one would also need to shed periodically for a bit o’ washing, I imagine …

Also in my closet of well-worn, cherished items of clothing: 4 plaid, flannel night shirts. They are light-weight yet warm for cool mornings. I’ve had easily 15 years – several were my mom’s so they hold added value. I can just see her mornings, at her desk in a shirt, coffee cup in one hand, a pencil in the other with both the New York Times and Washington Post Sunday crossword puzzles in front of her…and as she tackled the NYT, she’d occasionally say “This is wicked, Honoré, just plain wicked.

As I write this post, the washing machine is going through the spin cycle, the first of several loads. There is comfort in this activity for it is familiar and well worn in my life too. I am grateful that during these social distancing times we do indeed have comfort memories, items, chores and evidence of Spring: green trees, bushes, and grasses.

What’s on your list of everyday comfort items? 


P.S. And a reminder: Tomorrow, 31 March, is our One Little Word share update on this blog. 

13 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 3.30.20 …

  1. My comfort item is actually kind of new. A few months ago I came across a Temple University sweatshirt at the local charity shop. It looked brand new. $8.00!!! They are using $75.00. I wear it almost daily. It is so snuggly and warm and because it is an XL size … just is a comfort blanket in a shirt.


  2. I love your well-considered answer to the oldest thing you own that you still use daily (although I’ve been trying to shut my brain off occasionally so I can sleep). I have been taking refuge in my own flannel nightgowns. They are comfortable and comforting enough that I have to make myself shower and get dressed so I don’t spend the whole day in one. (It’s really just an attempt at a semblance of normality).


  3. What a great thing to think about . . . the oldest thing I own that I still use daily . . . in the summer that would be my Mustang convertible!


  4. Soft flannel is such a comforting fabric – I love the description of your Mum :). I’m not sure about the thing I’ve been using longest – though I like your own reply very much! I do have a very soft dressing gown that I bought my daughter when she was fourteen – twenty years later she has long since moved on to other things but I am still wearing it …


  5. Marc is, I guess, my oldest “thing”. We met nearly 41 years ago! (and he’s especially comforting right now!) I am getting great comfort, now, too, from seeing the season change. Reminds me that yes, things will keep going ….


  6. I don’t hold on to things – probably too quince to declutter. I used to have a sweater that was my comfort but it ended up getting felted and so I made it into project bags. That photo is beautiful


  7. I’d say the oldest thing I own that brings me comfort is a stuffed elephant I sewed for myself when I was a teenager. It was made out of old thermal PJs (that waffle-y fabric), so it was already recycled, and it’s been well worn by time. It seems silly to still have a stuffed animal at my age, but it’s like a pillow I can squeeze for comfort when I’m not feeling well or when I’m lonely (often it gets taken out when my husband is out of town and the bed feels extra large).


  8. I have some pretty old things in my closet–none of which I’m wearing in home seclusion. Like several others, my oldest thing for comfort is definitely Tracy! We’ve been together 49 years, and I’m grateful every day of this seclusion for his company and comfort!


  9. My favorite comfort items are some long sleeved cotton t-shirts from the “Life is Good” brand. I have three with holes in the armpits. My very favorite one is a faded lavender with a cup of coffee just above the Life Is Good slogan. It is the first one I owned and was a gift from my sister. I also wear two pairs of faded patched jeans around the house and drink coffee from a mug that belonged to my mother.


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