hello today | 6.23.20 …


this intro page in my art journal* 

  1. it’s tuesday and, and hot ~ a cool 90°!
  2. the new air conditioner is working just swell!
  3. the clock ticks, ticks, ticks, bringing my attention to the time of day: 3:15 pm. my time flies…and
  4. I’m rambling…
  5. interrupted by Norman needing help with the iPhone 6+ ( I gifted him my old iPhone when I upgraded to an iPhone XR just days before Covid-19 began to shut everything down, back in March. (Geez, it’s been that long?)…
  6.  he can never seem to get the phone to recognize his fingerprints; perhaps someday soon we can go to an Apple Store and get them to help make it easy for him to use the phone…
  7. t’is a source of frustration and consternation: the former for him; the latter, moi…
  8. this summer, I’m attending stay @home art camp, created by me for me. camp includes Daily pages, Haiku and a new activity: a summer art journal, and other creative pursuits, including more mask making…guess the latter is just going to be the case… and oh yes, the other item in the photo is the cover of a  2019 Happy Planner notebook of paper, most likely no longer available …
  9. and to wind up this post, a reminder that tuesday next, 30 june, is the monthly sharing of activity with our 2020 words – right here on this blog.

Stay cool and create on!


*is a collage I created from a quilting magazine article promoting a quilt – “Pine View” – created by Lori Mason using a fabric line, Shasta from RJR Fabrics; the butterfly shapes I made and I also used stick on letters and phrases…

14 thoughts on “hello today | 6.23.20 …

  1. March….. Honore I can’t believe that its been since March either. I Love your camp ! We are running pseudo camp here as you know for my busy Hubby! But your art work is so pretty and very cheerful. I need cheerful right now!


  2. Your camp sounds like a great one and I look forward to seeing some of your camp “arts & crafts”! Glad the AC is working well and keeping camp cool. 🙂


  3. Hot and humid here too. We had some pretty bad thunderstorms this evening.

    Norman’s problem may be as simple as dry hands. I think as we get older, don’t have as much moisture in our fingertips, the poor phones can’t read the prints/swipes as well.


  4. What a nice creative journal. You do such nice journaling, scrapbooking, art projects. Hooray for air conditioning that is working. Technology is great when it works and frustrating when it doesn’t that’s for sure. Our son is always willing to help us problem solve and we are grateful for his patience.


  5. Good grief, is next Tuesday already the end of June? How did that happen?

    I’m glad to hear that your AC is working well. Although I’ve been known to complain that I’m always cold from ours in the summer, when it hasn’t been working, I’ve been truly miserable (and I wonder how on earth I got through my childhood without it). Love your art journal!


  6. Grateful to hear that the A/C installation is working. Your artwork is so cheerful and uplifting–just what we all need now!


  7. I thought you could opt for a code only to unlock the iphone…My husband has the iphone 5SE and it stopped recognizing his fingers so he uses a passcode.

    Love your collage and the creativity it exudes! I’m inspired 🙂


  8. thank you for sharing all the creative inspiration. and so glad your A/C is working! I love sitting under the ceiling fan, but it helps if the air it’s circulating isn’t too hot 😉


  9. I love this💕💕. Your creativity always makes me smile, so inspirational and cheerful! Enjoy the cool air conditioning.


  10. What a wonderful burst of colour! (It’s midsummer here, 55F and day four of constant rain and solid grey skies). Your journal seems to be giving you lots of pleasure – very important in these times. Glad to hear your air-con is now working. We put the wood-burning stove on last night :).


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